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  1. a little thing ... when I Cloning portal .... maybe a text informing me that the menu disappears or a popup that says it's ready ... so I do not think it stopped responding ... otherwise I like it very much
  2. is it possible to get the change log for infusion on the wiki so we can check and give feedback on the changes.... or is there any other option??
  3. buy this SKROSS World Adapter Pro!!! works fine for me!!
  4. same here... "No system infusions found. Check again later." and in firmware tab No upgrade found...
  5. Seb, you might have a little spoiler what the future holds !? :-D
  6. previously there has not been any problems at all. This also happens when I'm connected to my pineapple!!
  7. Environment Windows 8.1 and 34.0 Firefox browser or chrome version 39.0.2171.71 m 1. opens the web browser 2. go to page Results: 502 Bad Gateway /nginx/1.2.2 expected: the logo side to pineapple. I can access pineapple via SSH (PuTTY) and WinSCP. Someone who encountered the same problem?
  8. When will the next firmware release occur!! Maybe there should be time for one or a hangout!!! I'm hungry for news!! or just a beta test!! //Masler77
  9. Works pineAP and deauth together. To run these simultaneously. I have alpha that is available from Hak5. so i have wlan0, wlan1 and wlan2 available. //Masler77
  10. hey all! I have a D-Link antenna ANT24-1400 14 dB 2.4 GHz. and an adapter to SMA. wlan0 or wlan1 on the pineapple should I put it to get the most out of PinaAP? or explain what the different antennas do (collaborates together)? // Masler77
  11. I have acquired alpha-package from Hak5 with associated coupon deductions. I got a little usb cable in-package if you want a longer cable how much in reach do you lose then? my cable is about 1.5 meters long.
  12. infiutions error!! I have problems with some infusion layout https://www.dropbox.com/s/nqhsdeef6rlh22z/Sk%C3%A4rmdump%202014-08-10%2010.47.40.png
  13. AP's encryption type: WPA-PSK +WPA2-PSK pineapple show in client mode tab: Security:WPA2 wlan1 Scan completed :
  14. Hey! SD card on MKV disappears when it starts. no infusions, previously installed are not there. I restart MKV then everything back as it should. dose any one who know what could be the problem? i have a samsung 16GB clas 10 sd card?
  15. Use br-lan! Works for me!
  16. how big is the largest file with data from tcpdump? you captured? mine is 133mb
  17. I just love the new karma filter! thanks so much for the great work you are doing!
  18. i have order one from ebay! hope its good!
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