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  1. lol I thought I was going crazy. I even used the search function, thinking that I had missed it.
  2. I am also unable to download OTA updates, and infusions. I am trying to download 2.1.1 from wifipineapple.com, but it keeps failing.
  3. Do you have any further details about the HDK? Release date and expected price?
  4. I would like to confirm that the Netgear WNA1100 (Atheros AR9271) works just fine with the pineapple. P.S. I updated the wiki to reflect this.
  5. Much deserved. Are you going anywhere/doing anything special?
  6. Very pleased with 2.0.x. I have had great success with PineAP vs just karma. Kudos guys! :)
  7. Personally, I think that the next pineapple should be ARM based. Why run openwrt when you can run kali?!?!?!?! Anyone else with me!??!!? Anyone!??!?!
  8. Is there a changelog available, or can we expect that along with the firmware? I'm itching to get my feet wet, as I'm sure many others are also. -AndyFive
  9. I would also like to hear some official word about this. Wifipineapple.com claims: So, the radios are unlocked or not?
  10. I wasn't able to find this the other day, but I wanted to also include it. It's got a lot of very useful information if you are planning any sort of medium-to-long distance wifi links. http://wireless.fcc.gov/outreach/2004broadbandforum/comments/YDI_microwavelink.pdf
  11. To the best of my knowledge, there would be no particular reason to use two different antennas. My guess would be that either A). Those antennas are what he had laying around, or B). It's probably more convenient to mount the panel antenna in the window, as seen in the video. Maybe Darren could chime in with that actual reason for the different antennas?
  12. Hello factgasm, To answer a few of your questions: - There is no reason that you couldn't use two different types of directional antennas (eg. yagi on one end, panel on the other). Though the yagi will most likely have higher gain, depending on how its built. - I personally have stretched wifi over a mile with just 100mw of power on each end. The conditions were close to ideal (both stations atop a hill, with no obstructions in between), and I was also using some pretty powerful antennas. The setup was entirely home built, using a bi-quad at each end, feeding an 18" dish. The signal strengths were good, so I think that I could have easily gotten away with quite a bit further, assuming that I could stay clear of the obstructions. - Trees, metal, and brick will all degrade your signal pretty significantly. If you are looking to create a pretty long range link you should do some research. Specifically into something called the 'fresnel zone'. I am an avid amateur radio operator and very much enjoy building and testing my own antennas. You can pretty easily build some very high quality antennas if you are a bit handy, and willing to do it yourself. Hope that this helps! :) -Andy V P.S. Here is a link to an interesting read. A 279km wifi link. ;) http://www.ab9il.net/wlan-projects/EnlaceAguila_Baul_EN.pdf
  13. I think that many people would agree with me when I say that expecting documentation for a product that I pay for isn't unreasonable. Especially when we were told that the documentation in question would be ready at weeks end, a month ago. (see my topic asking for api documentation).
  14. I've decided to take a break of undetermined length from the pineapple, and focus on some other projects that I have going. Hopefully "by the end of the week" will be before I decide to return. (Sorry for the jab. Just feeling a bit frustrated/lied to.)
  15. Kudos Oli. This is a very interesting project. I am eager to see your build guide. :-) I have decided to give up and take a break of undetermined length from the pineapple, due to the sorry state of documentation and also because I've started expirementing with FPGAs. Hopefully when I return to the community, there will be an abundance of documentation. Fingers crossed!
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