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from xp to ubuntu


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hey, i've been thinking along time to change from xp to linux. and yesterday i got ubuntu cd's

and im about to install it now, so im wondering if anyone could give me a few hints to programs to use.

i need programs for:




and something to do what i do with open office (or can i use open office on linux?)

and other helpfull or nessesary programs

any help is very appriciated

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music: Rhythmbox or Amarok

movies: Xine

games: Enemy Territory, ET:True Combat Mod, Doom III, lots more

open office is great and comes preinstalled, open .doc files and stuff, powerpoints, excel files, etc. it's sweet.

HTH. :)

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Well... for me, yeah. I really like MS Office products, but open office is great for people who A: don't really notice the difference or care about it and b: can't afford MS office. One odd thing I noticed is that a girl I know who is an author lost her Office CD and needed something quickly to finish her work on. I suggested and installed Open Office for her, and she came back to me a few days later saying that she couldn't put her finger on it, but she didn't like the way it felt. Office is a great product, just like Open Office is. Nothing wrong with people preffering one or the other, not everything is about politics.

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I've managed to never get really familiar with MS Office. Word in particular has an unusual tendency to baffle me by throwing a document in shambles as soon as I type something. So I tried not to touch them and people tried not to let me edit any documents.

Now the editing thing is coming back, and the natural choice for me is to use Open Office. It works well for my most basic needs, and since v2 delivers documents that MS Office users can safely work with.

I think it just has a bit to do with familiarity. Those people who I hear not liking OO tend to be people who've gotten quite familiar with MS Office. OO has its options stuck in different locations, so I'm not surprised people would be annoyed from not finding them where they expected them. I also totally agree that OO could use a bit more polish. Particularly the long startup time is annoying.

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Office 2007 beats the crap out of Open Office imo.

You just have to hope the file format will be readable in 10 years.. That's why openoffice is good. The openformat ensure the possibility to read the document years after it was created.

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I really don't go one way or the other between OO and MSO. I've used both of them quite a bit. MS in the school arena and OO at home. I obviously can't afford a legitimate MS licsence for office, and I'm a winner and winners down't do ware-AZ, so I started using OO. OO does feel a little awkward at first. One may even call it, in Darren's words, cludgy. After I wrote the first 2-3 paragraphs in it, everything seemed to work out fine. Everything is still in a logical place, it's just different, that's all. That's MHO.

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thank goodness I'm not the only one who's had bad, very bad, experiences with Office. I still have nightmares of documents not formatting quite right. I have never had problems with Open Office, and yes it is very available for Linux.

As far as games go, a lot of mainstream games have versions for linux. There are lists of these floating around the internet somewhere, I just can't think of any off the top of my bookmarks list/head.

VLC is a great movie and video player and supports pretty much everything.

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