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  1. snakey, That's absolutely unfair. I don't think very many people understand, let alone appreciate, the effort it takes to run a full scale IPTV/Video Podcast like Hak5. Matt made a very valid point. When it was just us trying to take care of everything (ie - webhosting, archive hosting, encoding, finding sponsors to keep the show going, etc.), it becomes a burdon. It feels more and more like work every time you go through the process. When you start losing your personal and social lives because your career/work life and something like Hak5 starts to take everything, it is a drag. That's where the "I guess we need to shoot something" attitude comes from. I'm not casting stones right now. However, please think before you post. If you have constructive critisism, by all means, voice it to the cast. They'll listen and take it under consideration. --Wess
  2. Well now. I wonder how long this will last before it gets deleted! Lets see, the funniest thing about this is that I received a mini-lecture from Darren on professionalism about my resignation. How I should have given him "more notice". Well, maybe I should have, however, I'm not an employee. The whole idea of Hak5 was started as a partnership. Secondly, yes, I did mention that I was thinking about leaving Hak5 on our way to Shmoocon. I was getting burnt out. I'm one person and I had a lot of things going on. The biggest being my job. I work for a consulting company now as a consultant. It's my job to go to clients anywhere in the country and provide a service. For the entire time that i was missing in Season 3, I was flying back and forth to Denver, CO. My schedule was Monday - Thursday. This left 1 weekday and the weekend to pack a week's worth of life into. Having a g/f at the time and our own place, I had several other things that took priority over Hak5. If was going to do a segment for the show, I didn't want it to be ill prepared and rushed. Also, during that time, very little correspondence was made with me about the status of the show. I never heard anything about ideas that were being tossed around, direction for Hak5 as a whole, nothing. I had yielded myself to the fact that with my words spoken to Darren, and my general lack of availability, that I had been, for lack of better words, 'cut out'. I am not placing all the blame of the communication break down on Darren or the rest of the crew. I take my fair share by admitting to the fact that I could have used some of my free time on the road to chime in on things, actively seek updates, and find or design good segments to bring to you, the fans. I did tell Darren that I wanted to be an active part of Season 4. I thought that I could bring back the passion that I once had. I did start looking for new and exciting ideas for segments to bring to all of you. Then, I realized that I felt like I was being treated like a minion, not an equal. I didn't find out about the Rev3 partnership until they called me to go out to dinner so they could inform me. It wasn't an asking of opinion, it was "Hey, we're going to partner with Revision3! Isn't that awesome!" This was a big turning point in my frame of mind. There was no forewarning, no consultation, I had been shunned from the 'in crowd' as far as I saw it. I have stated before that I have no problems with Hak5 partnering with Revision3. I do think that it will provide them with great opportunities. That, coupled with not having to worry about encoding, web hosting, bandwidth, or a lot of the other back-of-house processes, should give them ability to constantly provide you with the weekly serving of TechnoLust. With the drastic changes happening to Hak5 and my general frame of mind and unsettled opinion, I felt it best if I left. I would neither benefit the cast nor be doing the viewers any credit. The final catalyst for this was the fact that I had not been informed of the official press release date to make the partnership public. My twitter started blowing up with all the cast members making it public. With all the turmoil going on anyway, I thought it would be the best time to leave. Both to keep the rumor mill from thinking that it was the partnership itself was my sole reason, and I thought that the exciting news of them working with Rev3 would over-shadow the news of my leaving. I thought that if things are going to change that largely, then a little more change wouldn't be bad. I did try to give Darren a little bit of a heads-up, but it was, by no means, the '2 week notice' that Darren made it seem that he deserved. I thought that I made my public resignation very professional. Most people that read it to give me an opinion agreed that it was well written. Darren tried to rake me over the coals by picking out the line "...personal differences..." He thought that conveyed that we were at each others' throats and it was generally "unprofessional". Yet, I find this section in a rather lengthy post by him, basically throwing me under the bus. Now, I ask you, who' showing the lack of professionalism. Some will argue that I'm no better for posting this reply, but sometimes, one cannot bite their tongue hard enough. If the prosecution asks a question during their examination, in a court of American law, it is free game for the defense to try and poke holes in it. I still, in all honesty, wish them the best of luck in all future endeavors. I'm happy that a lot of people seem to enjoy the new format. However, I will not get thrown under the bus like that and not have something to say. --Wess My decision was mine
  3. Buzzinh, I'm not super familiar with integrating macs with AD, but I do know that for full integration, you need to have an X Serv. There is documentation that Apple has for doing the integration, and AFAIK, it gives you full AD control over of the macs the same as 2k3 with all of Windows. I'm sorry that I can't give you specifics, but I know its out there, and if you can talk to Apple Enterprise when your boss wants to move forward, 1) they can probably cut you some good deals due to volume and education, 2) They can send a rep and an engineer down to show you how to do the integration with Windows and AD. --Wess
  4. Well, I dig this. Everything said on this thread is absolutely true. I know I'm guilty of just being like "LOL ROFL LOL N00B FAG LOL. BBQ GTFO N00B." At one point or another. This is all in the spirit of spreading the technolust. Yes, we were all noobs at one point. We all had to ask what we would now call 'stupid' questions. The thing is, they weren't stupid to us at the time that they were asked. We had legitimate cause to ask said questions. We needed someone to show us the path to go down to find the answer. It's all part of the whole 'Give a man a fish....Teach a man to fish." We didn't know where to look. We didn't know what to look for. We now have the community to make up and coming geeks' lives a little easier. Why make them have all the hardship we had with gathering information? I'm not saying give them all the answers, but we certainly owe a duty to show these kids how to look for answers. That is what its really all about. Teach the kids how to learn. That way they don't come back all the time just asking questions. Eventually they'll do something cool and come in and say, "Check this shit out," and we'll say, "Dude! That's bad ass, how'd you do that," and they'll say, "This is how I did it, check it out!" We oooh and ahhhhh, and say, this kid is alright! I thank you guys for regrouping and realizing what this all should really be about. --Wess
  5. Okay, heres the deal. I've heard of other people having issue with that version of Itunes. Here's the easy solution: 1) Go through and uninstall/remove all references to iTunes and Quicktime (don' forget to Run>%app data% and remove all folders in there) 2) Go to www.oldversion.com and get the version prior to the latest and install. That should fix your problem 3) I'm not going to fault you for wanting to protect your machine. A certain level of paranoia is a good thing. With that said, running multiple system check programs can actually cause more harm then they do good. Some of them try to eat each other, calling each other mal-ware. Most of the time, thats done just so you will go with one program or another, a way for them to sift out the competition. You really should stick with one suite and roll with that. Another good way to protect yourself is don't do anything to put yourself at risk. If you use IE, set your internet security settings so that it prompts you for all ActiveX controls and maintain your "Trusted Sites" list. Don't think that FireFox is the universal solve all for browser based exploits. Since FF has been gaining so much popularity, it has become a target just like IE. Mind where you go, and if you feel the need to go to some more shady locations on the web, run a VM and keep your shady surfing contained in there. If it borks, who cares? You keep a back up of a fresh install and just revert back to that. It is my experience that hardware conflicts are rarely the cause of a software malfunction, so tat should really be your last course of thought. If all else fails, theres always the old M$ administrator song.....Fdisk, Format, Re-install...doo dah, doo dah...... Hope this helps, --Wess
  6. very web 1.0 horza, except you spelled my f'ing name wrong! It's WeSS you n00b! : )~
  7. Dis is my new BAMF server at work. This is the portable one! http://a3.vox.com/6a00c22521353d549d00d4142ef4bb3c7f-pi
  8. instead of having a keyboard in the desk, I'd much rather have an entire touch screen as my desk surface and the Star Trek interface, now THAT would be freaking cool!
  9. I vauguely remember having the exact same conversation about XP when it was coming out. From the calling home to how many machines it can be put on, etc. The only difference is the WGA. I don't think it's going to be much more of an issue than it was with XP. I'm probably going to upgrade to Vista so that I can be familiar with it for work. I've got a boss that likes to be up-to-date and doesn't have a huge problem spending money. Maybe when it comes out we can have our own little personal support thread amongst those of us that are going to be stuck with Vista.
  10. What ever you do, don't compile FireFox! ;) [/derail]
  11. If I had my tools here, I'd have the coolest desk/office EVER! LED's on EVERYTHING!
  12. I'm a sys admin. They also have me doing some small handy man work around here too. I'm probably just going to be a jack of all trades in more way than one. Of course I put Hak5 on the resume!
  13. part of the first pay check is already set aside for that one buddy! 8)
  14. I've got a Dell D620 from work with a a dual core pentium 2GHz and it's got tons of battery life. (granted I have the big battery for it too!)
  15. I've got a gateway that I installed BSD on, and that thing gets burning hot no matter what
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