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Hey guys,

I present the long awaited RandomRoll for Mark V/Tile UI !

While not specifically pen-testing material, it gives you a little introduction to DNS Spoofing (And its fun)... Choose your desired internet rolls and then start RandomRoll, and watch as your clients either laugh or become confused.

Infusion Versions :

[03/10/13 15:14] -Version 1.0 - Initial Release!

[14/11/13 19:22] -Version 1.1 - Nyan

[15/12/13 18:33] - Version 1.2 - Troll

[13/05/14 23:33] - Version 1.3 - Afro

( = Unsupported/Old = Current = Devel/Coming Soon)

New in 1.3 :

-Fixed the issue with not backing up and restoring custom index,error and redirect in /www/.

-Added a list to the small_tile showing current rolls.

-Added a link to this thread in the info box.

-Fixed a few issues causing instability.

-Did I mention backups? :grin:

-Fixed the log showing correctly, instead of all on one line.

Big Thanks to Seb and newbi3 for bits of help when creating this. :)

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Awesome… Love having the Rainbow Chicken Man back. I installed and followed your instructions. On my iPad I got a pop up login that said Success and only when you hit the Done button does it leave you on the network you selected also I got black screens when trying to go to websites. On my Macbook in Chrome's browser they mostly work. In Safari though only the Troll loads, it seems to be a Flash plugin related issue. Still testing.

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Yeah, I must tell you guys that obviously editing the infusion to add rolls is your own responsibility, so if you mess it up, its on you to make backups.

Automatic showing of rolls that are added I will attempt to add and is on my list :)

How about letting users add ZIP files of their custom roll pages?

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