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  1. thanks for the links, ya that's exactly my point, the Hackrf has way too much of a range to use even few antenna, so I want to make new ones for the different ranges that I am currently messing with. Too expensive and hard to find for allot of the freqs.I am definetly not an expert but I do know how much a of a difference that tuning your antenna for the freq makes on CB radios, I would love to mess with tuning for the hackrf freqs for each antenna.
  2. some how forgot about asking this question here, basically at the time of the post I was messing with 300-315 Mhz but now I was wondering if there is a way to measure for a wide variety of freqs, with sdr we can go all over the place. but there are only a few freq ranges that have common antenna available, so I would like to build my own for many different ranges.
  3. been really loving my hackrf-one, but I want to start messing with building some antenna's. I want to find an swr meter to tune the antenna for the Freq's im using. Any suggestions?
  4. support Michael Ossman, I got the HackrfOne as soon as It was available after kic-kstarter and LOVE it!!! I have purchased arduino clones from china and they work o"k" as long as you are willing to fight for drivers because they use similar components and the firmware is not the same as the main stream chips, I would hate to deal with that on something like the Hack rf ONE, there is not enough time to play with it as it is
  5. awesome who would have thought to read the directions, thanks!! up and running!
  6. Got Kali V2.0 all loaded up and it looks awesome, but once I created my database and user and all that for metasploit I can't seem to get metasploit.service to start. Im getting "not-found" "no such file or directory" about to bash my head in trying to figure this out. There is suprisingly little about this turning up with a google search. Any advice would be awesome.
  7. I have noticed that the longer sampling time I run recon mode the more clients that are detected. If i run the short 30 sec I get almost no clients but if I run the 5 minutes I get most of them.
  8. Never mind. Got it running. Some reason had to reset Pineapple to factory and reinstall.
  9. Ive been out of the loop for awhile but this looks interesting. I have tried both installation methods, sd card and internal, but no luck When I start, it just jumps to "not running" after a second or so. any advice as to where to start hunting?
  10. thanks KD6W, just starting to look around for laptops.
  11. just wondering what other people are using for their hackrf's. I am currently mainly on my desktop, but am interested in getting a laptop. Curious what specs would run the hackrf without straining too hard.
  12. Ossman said on kickstarter "As of today, all (post-Kickstarter) pre-orders have shipped to resellers! I expect that most resellers will be shipping individual pre-orders next week." Hopefully we see them soon, Been really anxtious to get my hands on mine!!
  13. for me it depends on the 5v source, my anker 9000mAh it runs just fine, but other 5v sources aren't as stable. I run into issues with sd card not mounting,so most of my infusions don't load. Most of the time I use a 12v source
  14. thanks thesugarat, it was a good hangout, really like the idea of live demos, or even working out idea sessions
  15. i get the same thing, nothing past 0. even uninstalled and tried to reinstall but it still just sits at 0
  16. As far as batch installs when you have to reflag the pineapple all the infusions that were installed to the sd card will reinstall.
  17. I use the MKV with my iphone and iPad when mobile. 1. The dip switches are awesome for deploying without a computer. I use them to call different scripts depending on what I'm after. 2. Tethering to iphone is what I do, I use the personnel hotspot function of the iphone and have wlan1 setup to connect to my phone. As far as navigating to the pineapple with the phone, I will drop the tether connection and connect to the pineapples wlan0 ap connection then change the setup to whatever I need and then turn my hotspot back on, and the pineapple will connect and your back in business.
  18. https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/31416-macspoofing-with-pineapple/#entry235962 jjd's script works very well
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