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  1. what about under the advanced tab in the config infusion, you could enter the commands there. SSH would be much easier though.
  2. ive been using ducktoolkit.com and have not had any problems, love it, very simple and easy.
  3. keep posted im interested in this one. Love to see different ideas flowing
  4. here is a post where SirHaXalot did some load testing on the MKV https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/31127-battery-math/#entry234743
  5. use ettercap and image filter to replace images with MKV images!! shell be shopping for shoes but seeing pineapples
  6. found this github page from seb that has the pineapple folder from the MKIV i believe. the 3g files have some info that help to see some of the configs and the 3g.sh and backup3g.sh files have good info also. https://github.com/killuminati2012/wifipineapple/tree/master/pineapple
  7. sweet, thanks for the info. anything will help, just piecing it all together.
  8. i think my issue is getting it mine to getting it to modeswitch, I just keep getting "switch failed"
  9. Here is another Hello World, but this one writes a little Hello World bash script then removes after running.
  10. Here ya go. I just got the Duck a couple days ago and have been messing with OSX scripts by the way im using the Ducky Toolkit online to make the .bin files. http://ducktoolkit-411.rhcloud.com/Home.jsp
  11. I would love to see maybe a sticky or a wiki link with everyones working setup. I can not get mine to work for nothing. kinda put it on the back burner for know but would love to get it going.
  12. I have developed Pineapple ADD, I am getting soooo many ideas that I have had to start a document so I can keep track of them and not forget to try them when I get a chance.
  13. The pi gets the internet from MKV. I just plugged it in and it worked no configuration.
  14. i haven't messed with the serial slot yet, but I do have a pi running kali connected to the ethernet port. I have a small 7 inch lcd connected to the pi which I am displaying different info from the MKV. I am transfering the data via ssh currently. I set up ssh keys between the two and have the pi just scp over and grab log files or issue commands like "iw dev wlan0 station dump > /dev/tty1" to display MKV info on the pi's display
  15. hmmmmmmmm, what is this new fangled "USB" thing you speak of?
  16. i have some 9dbi alfa antennas that work good, but i seem to keep going back to the stock antennas. they are surprissingly awesome and i can shove the MKV just about anywhere with them on.
  17. Mit0s1s

    post spoiler

    probably looking right at it but I can't seem to figure out how to post code as a spoiler.
  18. this is the script i call from a dip switch to run at startup. ## random host name ## assign newhn a random variable newhn=$(cat /dev/urandom | tr -dc 'A-Za-z' | head -c8) ##update host name and hosts echo " $newhn" > /etc/hosts cat /etc/hosts.old >> /etc/hosts ##update uci uci set system.@system[0].hostname=$newhn uci commit system echo $(uci get system.@system[0].hostname) > /proc/sys/kernel/hostname ##random ssid for wlan0 newssid=$(cat /dev/urandom | tr -dc 'A-Za-z' | head -c8) uci set wireless.@wifi-iface[0].ssid=$newssid uci commit wifi
  19. did you ever get anywhere with this? i've been banging my head trying to get my modem to connect also.
  20. awesome job! ive been too lazy to test it myself as I am currently throwing around options for batts.
  21. went to t-mobile and got a replacement sim and still no luck. "no sim card" error. t-mobile tried to run it on their machine and same thing, so apparently defective device. back to the shopping board.
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