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Found 4 results

  1. hello to the one who is/are reading this, i am looking for a power solution on the wifi pineapple mk5. i have read on this page http://hakshop.myshopify.com/collections/wifi-pineapple-kits/products/wifi-pineapple?variant=81044992 that the mk5 uses between 5-12 volts. since im a newbie when it comes to electricity how many watts would be the minimum (to get the 5 or 12 volts) to get the wifi pineapple mk 5 to work properly?! i have found 2 that i am interested in but need feed back if it is smart to do so or not http://www.amazon.com/ReStore-Portable-Folding-Charger-Carrying/dp/B00FABKX7E/ref=sr_1_77?ie=UTF8&qid=1434471712&sr=8-77&keywords=portable+solar+charger and http://www.amazon.com/Poweradd-Charger-Portable-Foldable-USB-Charged/dp/B00M16DXKK/ref=sr_1_80?ie=UTF8&qid=1434471712&sr=8-80&keywords=portable+solar+charger or if some has a different suggestion for solar power please let me know many thanks in advance
  2. So I FINALLY had time to finish my little solar project. Should have been done weeks ago, but I didn't have time to get to it, space or the tools needed. Had a friend help me build it in his shop after I bought all the parts. He basically took everything I bought and ideas I had, and then implemented the build for me so all credit to him for the labor..lol (Thanks Phil!). Plus, I don't have a shop or tools, so there is also that but it's finished and working! http://i.imgur.com/W14ZZNq.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Bp9xSa9.jpg Basically, it's a deep cycle battery in an ammo can hooked to a solar panel on a home made stand with feet that fold up and the ammo can fits in the center of the panel frame for storage under a seat or wherever you can fit it when transporting. Not heavy and small form factor overall. Contents: 1 large 50 Cal Ammo can (Plastic) - http://www.mtmcase-gard.com/products/shooting/50-cal-ammo-can.php (Purchased for $15 from friends Army Navy store - http://www.racersarmynavy.com/ ) 1 12-18v AGM Deep-cycle battery - http://bit.ly/1CM1XzF (Think I paid less than $40, not including shipping) 1 2watt solar panel - http://bit.ly/1DGgBhd (amorphous so gathers power from facing pretty much any direction even on cloudy days) 1 8amp charge controller - http://bit.ly/1JJwR1J 1 400watt 12v DC to 120v/60hz AC Converter with 2 full size 120v wall outlets and one 5v USB outlet, On/Off switch. - http://bit.ly/1IbR8fe (about $30 depending on store) 1 KJV Bible ($9.00, walmart) 1 Rechargable LED Night light/detachable flashlight (> $9 Walmart) misc nuts, bolts, washers, velcro, and some packing foam to secure contents while traveling, everything sites nice and snug. All said and done, spent right around $160~ or so, and that includes a $20 rice cooker/veggie steamer I bought to go along with the setup. My friend had the wood and other stuff to help with the build so lumber was free, screws, misc stuff. Build time probably could of taken about an hour, but my friend went overkill on how he put it all together which is uber clean and solid, counter sunk screws and angled joints on solar frame. Wish I had video taped and time lapsed it for documentation. Not a lot to all of it, but super cool to see it all come together now that it is finished. Completely water tight, power outlet on outside detaches from industrial strength velcro strips and can be moved inside, while charge controller is velcro'd to the inside to keep dry. Solar panel feeds into the box to charge controller, which goes to the battery to maintain charge; leads come out to the power converter which can be easily removed and stored inside when needed(Just remember to unhook power properly and discharge converter and not short anything since this is an always hot box once finished and the converter holds a small charge even after unhooked from the battery). Simple stuff but really portable and for low power needs, should be plenty for what it is going to be used for. Not something you would run a gaming rig more than 5 minutes on, but charging cell phones during power outages, radios, small led lights, small cooker and few small chargeable items, it will serve it's purpose which is to go to a homeless vet near where I work who lives in the woods behind a bank.
  3. We are thinking about doing a few permanent installations in remote locations. There is no power and no way to get power to them. So, we are looking to using a 50W solar panel (we also want to run a camera) and a deep cycle battery with a charge controller. Has anyone else done this? In the end we may want to do multiple nodes. And it is looking like our cost on just the solar electrics will be around $240 per unit. This doesn’t include the Mark V or any housing. So it will probably be around $500 all said and done with the camera. Any recommendations? Your thoughts?
  4. it appears to be a kickstarter for a solar powered phone/tablet recharger. is it too small/not powerful enough? or something to kick around as a possible idea http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wakawakalight/wakawaka-power-the-best-compact-solar-power-statio
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