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  1. Hi guys, Thanks for your answers, I have been doing some tests to try to troubleshoot the problem. The good thing is that it now works better for me but the bad thing is that I have no idea why! To test the client mode I am using only one radio at the time in client mode and connecting my laptop connected via ethernet. Running a speedtest on the laptop shows me how much bandwidth I get on the client mode without any interferences to worry about. I tested this with 3 different radios, the 2 internal radios from the pineapple and a TP-Link TL-WN722N USB dongle (which works perfectly out of the box on the pineapple). For the first couple of experiements I was getting very good bandwidth with the pinapple radio0 and the USB dongle (over 20-30Mbps) and very poor bandwidth with the pineapple radio1 (around 100kbps). It looked like there was a problem with the pineapple radio1 so before reporting it I repeated the experiement in order to gather the exact numbers but that time it worked much better and I am now consistently getting around 10-12Mbps from radio1. I get less when I use radio0 as an access point instead of the ethernet port but it works, no more horrible pings. To do these experiements I changed all the settings of the radios using the wifi manager infusion (which is very nice by the way). The only reson I can think of for the fix is that I have been shaking the settings of the radios back and forth... At least if you have the same problem, I think it is a good idea to test the radios individually in order to eliminate as many variables as possible. I am now not able to reproduce the problem anymore. I have not really investigated why radio1 gives me "only" 10-12Mbps where the other 2 radio can go over 30Mbps because 10Mbps is probably enough but that could be related to the original problem... I am not sure. Cheers, Franck
  2. Hello, I think I am having similar issues: everything works great when I am using eth0 for the wan but I get bad ping and throughput with wlan1 in client mode. My connection is 50Mbps and I am lucky when I get 200kbps through in client mode. The ping also goes very high as soon as there is some traffic and there is some packet loss when I ping the pineapple on wlan1. I have tested the pineapple with a wire and I get very good bandwidth. I have also tested the WIFI I use on the client side and it gives me the expected bandwidth. I was thinking about interference so I have played with the channels on both WIFI but it did not help much. I also looked in the syslog but did not find any clue. My setup is completely standard using the latest firmware (1.04). Anyway did you guys solve your problems with client mode? Any idea what I should try to better diagnose the problem? Cheers, Franck
  3. Here are some more appropriate colors for the case: Franck
  4. Hi xrad, Thanks for the link, I did not know about this site. I was looking for something like this to answer your first message. I can easily print some extra cases but it really does not make sense to ship them across the planet, it is much better to download the design and find a nearby printer. I think it is becoming quite easy to have access to a printer. I heard that in France they are experimenting with putting 3D printers in post offices :-) Cheers! Franck
  5. Hi! To protect my ducky I have printed a simple case which allow pushing the button and removing/inserting the micro SD card using a little trick. I have posted the design on thingiverse if anyone wants to print it or modify it. The trick to be able to remove the SD card is to add a piece of tape to be able to pull it out. I used kapton tape which is very thin and does not jam into the card slot. Cheers, Franck
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