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  1. i know this is being addressed but I had received a new MKV and have some info that might help with the radio switching issue. On first out of box boot up radio0=wlan0 radio1=wlan1. everything works great, karma, sslstrip, all is good. but after me screwing with all types of infusions and screwing something up and had to do a factory reset, now radio0=wlan1 and radio1=wlan0. after resetting multiple times always comes back to this state. during this state, when after running sslstrip ics only lets you connect to https sites and not to http sites. just throwing out more info hoping it'll help.
  2. got it going, logging away. Lets see what this battery can do, thanks jjd
  3. i was trying something like this uptime >> logfilename.txt had no luck, couldn't get it to write a file, tried thesugarat's version and no luck either.
  4. Thanks seb, learned something tonight.
  5. is "uptime" a log file? if so where is it located?
  6. I want to test a battery I have to see how long the MKV will run. What log file would I look in to see time stamps, or an up time register?
  7. i agree changing the verbiage is a good idea, i emailed Hak5 to check on it because i didn't see any UPS updates and thought that they dropped it off the back of the truck or something. Ive had that happen before from another online shop, so I was worried.
  8. i think when we get the "your order has shipped" email all that means is that the shipping label has been printed. But awaiting ups to actually get ahold of the package. I got my "your order has shipped" email on the 22nd but ups didn't actually get it until the 24th, once that happened i see it being updates on UPS website. I bet the Hak 5 crew is getting slammed with pineapple orders so I cant blame them much.
  9. it works vey well, I was using my iphone hotspot to tether to one radio.
  10. yes UPS sucks at updating, seems that scanning at every handling point it would be pretty automated and update almost instantly. same thing here, shipped on 22nd but still no updates on the UPS site.
  11. I had it working and I was using a Mac book pro, an iphone 5, ios7 and an iPad and they all worked fine.
  12. Hey Darren, do you know what lead time is on pineapples right now? ive been screwing with my raspberry pi with an rtl8187, but its no pineapple.
  13. see i knew those dip switches were going to come in handy
  14. no offense, I earned it on that one. now what do i do with my time untill the new one arrives?
  15. I attest that I have been screwing with the MK5 allot, and it does seem to be very robust, I have bricked many other devices in less time. hmmmm maybe i should get on board as a beta tester for future items? letting the smoke out does not count as bricking. Just so you don't worry Darren, she didn't suffer much, just a quick wimper and it was over.
  16. yup its supposed to be center Pos, and it was all week until I changed it. just got careless, not the first time and probably not the last time i pull that one.
  17. well I think i win the no-sleep dumbass award. Been screwing with the MK5 for a few days now and love it, but after setting up a travel rig decided to shorten up the power leads to my battery and crossed the wires. actually thought about testing with the voltmeter, a 10 sec job, but ohhhhh it will will be fine. a little pop and no led's. now i test with voltmeter and sure enough center - . Just ordered another MK5, hopefully they are still shipping quick.
  18. yup uninstalled twisted-web and reinstalled and sslstrip is back up and running!!
  19. I installed sslstrip to the internal card and had it working great last night, or this morning about 1am, but today after screwing with all kinds of crap i am getting the same deal. starts then stops. so it does work on the internal card, but i can't figure out what i screwed yet, another thing i noticed is that after i try to run sslstrip then connect to the access point with a seperate machine that machine can only connect to https sites, no http sites.
  20. Got mine yesterday! 5 min first boot and had karma up and running within minutes!, and now no sleep for days! Thanks Hak5 awesome job!!
  21. waiting for link, don't see it, please post
  22. dammit!! I guess i'll click in at 3 and if nothing i'll click in at 4, problem solved, just banging on keys all day anyway.
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