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  1. Ok well after reading through this I was able to retrieve the password from a older pc which remembered it. I already tried a hard reset but it honestly didn't work. Thanks everyone who posted, now I can leverage my full wireless speed using the router instead of running off a crappy modem which I have been stuck with for a while. Hak5 is awesome and thanks once again.
  2. I'm running kali off of my homebuilt pc. My motherboard is z77 deluxe i if I'm not mistaken (mitx) and wifi is built in. Will running off a laptop work better? I can get access to a MacBook Air if that will work better.
  3. This is what I get when I type ifconfig wlan0: My wifi card is built into my motherboard so rfkill didn't do anything. Any other suggestions?
  4. So I am trying to use kali to crack a forgotten password on a old router but the computer running kali is only connect to the internet over ethernet and I can't figure out how to use the onboard wifi. When I do ifconfig it only shows eth0 and lo. Does anyone know how to fix this? Any info is appreciated. P.S. I am running off of a live USB without persistance so the solution needs to work with what kali has installed already. P.P.S The router I am trying to crack is my own and I really did lose the password to access it.
  5. Nice tutorial. Seems a little short, but for just covering the basics of RF I think it was sufficient.
  6. Ok sweet I'll look into that. Now I just need to find some old yagis...
  7. So I have been playing around with a rtl sdr for a few days and really love how much it can do using mostly software. So I am now wondering if a software package could be created that interfaces a computer with an antenna and run pineapple on it. It could either work through USB radio converters like the RTL_SDR or onboard wireless cards since many new motherboards come with them. If this is possible I'm sure it would get a lot more people interested in pineapple and experimenting with it. Personally software like this would help me out a great deal since my motherboard already has two sma connections on the back that I could use. I think this could really help get more people into pineapple and expanding the hak5 community. Any idea if this is possible @Sebkinne ? If anyone has any comments about this please share them.
  8. So I downloaded and installed pentoo onto a usb to play around with my new RTL SDR. My problem is I am not proficient with command line and can't seem to build a flowchart in gnuradio that outputs the radio signals to my headphones. I want the functionality of SDR# but in GNUradio and am wondering if I can download flowcharts online and if so where can I find them?
  9. What are you looking forward to using the expansion slot for? Personally I want a screen for displaying info/controlling basic functions. Then I wouldn't need another device to connect and setup from
  10. Just looked again and the article was talking about the mrk iv.
  11. So I'm thinking of getting the holiday bundle for the mark v. (Pineapple plus battery one) and want to get some better antennas for it as well. I will be using my pineapple mostly while it is concealed in a bag. (Legal pentests only) and could use some longer range since I've heard the default antennas arn't very good. Any suggestions?
  12. Wow these are all really cool. Hopefully once I get some more cash I can get some gear together and maybe make something cool like the ones in this gallery. I've been fairly stripped of cash ever since I got my 3d printer, but this seems like a promising project. I'm thinking slimmed down version of SirHaXalot's build. I'll post some pictures if I start building.
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