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  1. I tried on my S4, seems to be mobile view problem tired to request desktop page.. still gives me the one tile view.. cannot scroll, cannot enlarge.. it really is a pile of poop. is there a way to get to the desktop view? useragent? the url coded differently?
  2. I second this, third this, and forth this. My settings that seem to have work is wlan1 - start interface, start monitor -- starts as mon0 choose wlan1 and mon0.. use mdk3 in the options then start. then it usually does it good.
  3. Get in with your phone, clone the mac? if its with authentication by mac address.
  4. That would be a cool concept, probably just some files to control the .list on the pineapple is all you need.
  5. Sounds good, you should be a mystery book writer, you have done well with your suspense's. :)
  6. Can you get into recovery mode?
  7. Could you elaborate on this? I know probably a bunch of people are excited for an update as I am. Cheers!
  8. It has been fixed in the newest release. https://wifipineapple.com/?changelog
  9. I would pay for the card itself if it was included with the pineapple. So $100 for the pineapple and a 64gb class 10 is $50-75 I would pay $200 If you threw in a couple 18 hour battery packs too. class 10 micro sd card makes all the difference.
  10. Try settings your pc is
  11. Looks like you might not have javascript enabled, ajax runs on java.
  12. Please remove this thread, battery has sold.
  13. Karma only keeps the config in ram, never gets stored on the rom, once it reboots, you have to key in everything again.
  14. I wanted to have my network be on the 172.16.42.x subnet, so if i reset my pineapple, i could manage it remotely and such when i tried to just use the wlan1 interface as client mode and connect to my home router, it didn't like it, it said connected but limited access, unable to ping anything. ultimately, i had to clear the sd card and format it again, then factory reset my pineapple, after changing my home router to the 192.168.x.x has anyone ever run into this?
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