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  1. This sites tracks any Military or Goverment registered aircraft or helicopter. If you noticed, you'll see many police helos, Dept. of Homeland Security helos and US Coast Guard Helos if you keep watching. This site displays the Mode-S data regardless if there is lat/long info with it: http://www.milaircomms.com/mil_air_modes_logger.html?receiver_location=ALL Helos & Aircraft use the very same transponder. George www.MilAirComms.com
  2. What Cooper said was basically correct with a slight correction, 6GHz is the top range of the HackRF, that's if you're cpu can keep up with the sampling but I think most should. Regarding encryption. Most Public Safety comms (here in the US) aren't encrypted however more and more cities are moving to encrypting some of their radio comms. But due to the high costs of radio systems this has been slow and some agencies are getting considerable backlash for encrypting comms. Regarding military comms, 99% of what I hear is NOT encrypted. I hear endless military comms, both real-world and traini
  3. I just ordered 1 yesterday. Can't wait to get it. You never can have too many radios! George www.MilAirComms.com <-- NSA listens to me, I listen back.
  4. I just wonder how many people tired to use GNU and gave up...I almost did and I Live, Sleep, & Drink radio stuff all day! (here is my "office": http://www.milaircomms.com/shack.html But after several days of trial & error and many times where I reinstalled Ubuntu in order to have a totally fresh system to work from I had success! I typed up a step by step list of each command you need to type assuming you have a freshly installed Ubuntu system, I posted it to another message, here is the link: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/33506-easy-way-to-install-from-source-gnuradio-rt
  5. Are the HackRF's shipping yet? If no when weill they be shipping. I want to order one but it looks like the Hackshop is only taking "pre" orders. Thanks George www.MilAirComms.com
  6. I've spent countless hours trying to get GNURadio-Companion to install along with the needed "source blocks" to make an RTL-SDR Dongle work. Online documention on this is very poor. But I've got it to work, and just for fun I did it twice! This How-To assumes you're running a freshly installed Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS & assumes you're sort of a newbie to Linux as I am. Below are the commands you type, do not include the quote signs. 1) Log into a desktop terminal 2) Make sure you're in your home directory by typing "cd ~" 3) Type "sudo apt-get install git-core" 4) Type "sudo apt-get install
  7. This morning I did get it to work. Actually the total number of steps isn't a lot, even when you compile for source. The real problem is that all the only installation instructions are written assuming you are both an A+ Linux expert AND a GNU expert who has written most of the code. I tried 7 or 8 how-to guides to get GNC w/RTL support, all of which failed. It took a ton of trial-and-error to get it to work, but now I got it... When I get a change I'll write up a simpler How-To George www.MilAirComms.com
  8. I can't find info on Mode-S Hexcode D4CDAB however I can offer some insight to ADSB / Mode-S callsigns. Callsigns are entered into the transponder / flight management computer by the pilot AND its not a requirement to enter any or even the correct callsign at this time (that might change in the future). Sometimes pilots weill enter something funny in the computer just as a joke. Some strange ones I've seen are NOSOUP4U, FAASUCKS, and recently here in the United States there have been bunch of military C-130 pilots flying around with the callsign set to BEERME. Also all of the military TACA
  9. Don't laugh but that computer only has 512 M of memory. I said it was an old computer...it had XP on it, I tried installing Ubuntu which install fine but ran very slow. So that's why I installed Lubuntu on it. Actually it runs Lubuntu very nicely..I was just trying to find a use for that machine.... but you might be correct on the ram problem with the compiler... Back to compiling on one of my real computers....just here in mission control listening to E-3B AWACS controlling F-15 fighers during dog fight off my coast.... Thanks George www.MilAirComms.com
  10. I've spent days trying to get gnuradio-companion to work. On a fresh Ubuntu install I did an "sudo apt-get install gnuradio" I then type "gnuradio-companion" I get the gnuradio-companion gui up just fine. However in all the videos I've seen the 1st block you choose is "SOURCE" then choose eithr RTL-SDR or OSMOCOM as that is what is needed to talk to your RTL-SDR dongle. However there is not block called SOURCE. What didn't I do or install? Thanks George www.MilAirComms.com
  11. I've been trying to compile GNU on an old computer (8 years old!) which is running Lubuntu However when it gets about 30% done it stops with the following error: "g++: internal compiler error: Killed (program cc1plus)" On my Ubuntu machine I don't get this error. What might I be missing on Lubuntu (which is a waterdown version of Ubuntu to run on less powerful pc's). Thanks George - Daytona Beach www.MilAirComms.com
  12. Oh the cable pics would be too ugly...I don't have any good tricks for that. But just for the scanners, each scanner has 3 wires (Power, Antenna, Speaker) so that is 12 * 3 = 36 total cables and that's just for the Military Monitoring Scanners. Then the Ham Radio stuff is a whole different story... Here on YouTube I have some videos of the scanners in operation complete with audio. Also some of the Military Digital signals can be seen on an RTL-SDR w/SDR# https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFcFWwA8-xrLefQL0Mix48A Enjoy George www.MilAirComms.com
  13. Thanks, it keeps changing and changing...keep buying more radios therefore I need to re-arrange things... just think of all the cabling, that is what is a nightmare! George www.MilAirComms.com
  14. I've enjoyed the Hak5 shows relating to SDR & ADSB data. I just wanted to add a couple items. The Hak5 shows were only talking about and showing aircraft that broadcast full ADSB data (that means ADSB data which includes Lat/Long). However for every aircraft you see on the "map" there are at least 10 others which are broadcasting ADSB data without sending their Lat/Long. Most aircraft do not send lat/long as part of the ADSB information. These include all types of aircraft such as commerical, private, and military aircraft. Being my main hobby is monitoring radio communciations from
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