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Found 20 results

  1. Hi I made a module for HackRF on the WiFi Pineapple. I hope you guys like it.
  2. Hello, I am a completely new member to this forum, but I wanted to create a discord for the HackRF with supported firmwares (Portapack | Portapack Havoc | Jawbreaker etc) - https://discord.gg/QZh9Xj Please invite all of your Fr3qz, I'll create moderation / bots when a few people start joining. - Thank you & nice to meet everyone :D
  3. Hi, Starting of on a new project again, I'd be interested to learn more about analysing DECT communication through a HackRF. Is there any specific research that you think I should read up on? I've done my first steps with the hackrf: hacking the garagedoor, listening in on the babymonitor, ... now I'd like to start learning about DECT phones, but I'm 100% new to the subject.
  4. UPDATE: FIXED! After flashing the firmware on the hackrf to the latest, i forgot to the flash the newer CPLD image! GG. ------------------------------------------ Hey guys, just recently got a hackrf one and every station I tune into with SDR# sounds like chipmunks. I tried it on a fresh copy/install on my other windows 10 machine. Same results. I did upgrade the firmware on it to the latest from the github repo, without any results. I don't even know if I can trust this device or if it's fault because I literally can not get a decent answer or get pointed towards the possible issue. This is an example of what all radio stations around me sound like: instaud.io recording These are the current settings I used: imgur screenshots
  5. Hi, i need to simulate gps signal within a room of 80meters. What hardware do you suggest? Thanks
  6. has anyone seen or used one of PandwaRF, seem quite cheap, I wanted the HackRF but could never afford one
  7. Hi, we have been engaged for a pentest and we would like to build a device that will allow us to 1) drop an SDR in the vicinity of the radio-controlled gate of our client 2) the SDR should be listening for keys constantly, but only record when there really is traffic. For this I think the device should constantly buffer the past say 15sec and store those 15sec only to file if they actually contain significant data. 3) remote control the device to monitor the number of collected samples, battery-level and potential discovery of the device by security personnel I was thinking of a raspberry pi on a batterypack with a usb gprs-modem. But would the pi's CPU be fast enough to handle the samplerate from the hackrf? How long would a decent batterypack last with a pi, a gprs-modem and an hackrf running on it? Are there any examples in GNURadio that I could take a look at for this scenario? Anyone ever done such a thing before? Thanks!
  8. Hi, I just got started with the HackRF One and it's really fun. I'm following the lessons at greatscottgadgets.com but with lesson 1 I'm already facing some issues I just can't seem to get solved on my own. The problem I'm facing is the classical 'choppy output' of the audio when demodulating FM radio. The schema that we're supposed to build is explained in great detail at https://greatscottgadgets.com/sdr/1/. I followed all the steps, I think my schema is exactly as what he told me to build, but still I'm getting choppy output, for as far as my googling learned me anything this means that I've messed up the sample rates at some point. It's not that my hardware can't keep up with the rate, already checked that by lowering the rate to ridiculously low levels but that didn't help to solve the choppy output. Anyone having some hints for me? I've included a screenshot of my workflow: My setup looks like this: - Physical machine is a recent macbook pro with 8GB RAM and 4 cpu-cores running OSX Sierra - Virtual Machine is a Debian 9 with 3GB RAM and 1 cpu-core
  9. Picture: Picture with wrong AM waves: Hello guys, I recieved and recorded an ASK_OOK signal from an auto remote key. But when I opened the wav file there wasn't the right wave forms( like in hak5 youtube show (reply attacks with yardstick one)). Please look at the pic. It would be very nice if someone can help me. Thanx JoJo
  10. Hello, I got Hackrf One, and am trying to work with it on my raspberry pi. I am constantly getting the following error: hackrf_info: symbol lookup error: hackrf_info: undefined symbol: hackrf_device_list I tried everything. First installing gnu-radio via apt-get and building hackrf master from source code, it didn't work. Then I removed gnu-radio and installed it by PyBombs which a lot of people recommended, but it didn't work as well. My last try was downloading the source codes of gnu-radio, osmosdr, iqbal by git clone and building them one by one which took days for gnu-radio. But still I am always getting the same error when I try to run hackrf_info. Does anyone know what can I do? Please I'd appreciate any help! I've been trying to solve this for 2 weeks, I looked everywhere on the net and found nothing to solve this. Thanks.
  11. I can't install HackRF module,its always waiting……
  12. I found an old UHF TV at the thrift store today and I thought to myself, what not a better way to learn how NTSC works! Simple stuff relay. If you want to transmit using a HackRF or BladeRF all you need to do is encode a .dat file with a Python script, run it threw GRC, and boom, Bob's your uncle! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NTSC\ ttps://github.com/argilo/sdr-examples/tree/master/ntsc
  13. Hi, I am trying to modify the HackRf by replacing the cpld with an Artix-7 (xc7a35t) for baseband dsp processing. I am a complete noob at this, could someone take a look at my schematics and tell me if I am doing it right? Thanks, Rohan https://github.com/ainnovators/noob-sdr
  14. I'm wanting to get into some of the RF world, I have a NooElec R820T SDR and a Baofeng UV-5RAX+ (w/my technical license). I'm looking at the HackRF and the YARDstick, can the HackRF do (almost) everything the YARDstick can? If the HackRF encompasses the YARDstick's frequency ranges, should I just get the HackRF or is there some things you can't do with the HackRF that you can do with the YARDstick?
  15. Hi all, I've bought a HackRF and been playing around with it, but I thought maybe someone could help me out with something. I'm trying to replicate this 'hack', but then with an XN297 transceiver chip: http://blog.ptsecurity.com/2016/06/phd-vi-how-they... At 2456MHz I do get a 'similar' graph (I think) as the one in that blogpost (see pic 2). However, after demodulating, I get a rather messy output like the one in pic 3. I use the same GRC setup as in the blogpost. Would someone happen to know what I could be doing wrong? Thanks in advance!
  16. SORRY IF I HAVE PUT IT IN THE WORNG FORUM I personally feel like i am missing a ton of interesting things about the HackRF (mainly videos and tutorials). there have been a 2 or 3 episodes about this on hak5. my questions: 1) is or/are there anyone who makes tutorials about the HackRF (have been looking around but cant find any clear videos or a channel). 2) does the HackRF work with automation gates? 3) is Hak5 going to make more videos about the HackRF? many thanks in advance
  17. I just got my PortaPack in the mail for my HackRF. I haven't had a chance to put it together yet, but Jared Boone and ShareBrained Technology did a good job on packaging. It came with good quality screws and hardware needed to attach the porta pack to the HackRF, as well as a guitar pick which I assume to is remove the HackRF One from the plastic case. It does come with a CR2032 battery included and the board itself looks high quality. It arrived just a few days after ordering it, sealed in an ESD bag and looking sexy.
  18. Are the HackRF's shipping yet? If no when weill they be shipping. I want to order one but it looks like the Hackshop is only taking "pre" orders. Thanks George www.MilAirComms.com
  19. So I just got my HackRf One, and testing it with sdr#, I have tried both the current install as well as nightly builds. first off I noticed it shows up as a jawbreaker (is this expected?). when checking out broadcast fm stations everything appears to be backwards... so 107.1mhz is found around 93mhz until I select Swap I&Q (expected?) after clicking swap fm broadcast stations appear to be where I would expect however 103.1mhz for example shows up at 103.1mhz but also at 119.1mhz... this seems.... odd, I find nothing in the air band from the local airport although it is very near (my handheld scanner picks up the tower without an antenna attached). Did i miss something altogether? or is it a hardware issue? any help would be great! I am new to sdr have played with rtl dongles a bit but nothing like hackrf -jeff
  20. just wondering what other people are using for their hackrf's. I am currently mainly on my desktop, but am interested in getting a laptop. Curious what specs would run the hackrf without straining too hard.
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