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  1. A short update: I worked with my Pineapple the other night and got everything installed. I powered it from it's supplied adapter, I formatted the SD card using the internal page, I then did a factory reset and then finally, one at a time installed each infusion one at a time. Then I installed all of their dependencies. This was done over wifi exclusively. None of the installers had issues like a few weeks earlier. All of them installed without issue as did their dependancies. Not sure what actually changed but my Mrk5 appears to be back to it's regular top notch performance.
  2. Gotta say I'm seeing some of the things that haribag is describing and it doesn't take days it takes minutes... I just updated to 2.4.0 today and I've had nothing but problems. I actually had to unbrick my Mark V for the first time ever... Not cool. I had to reformat the sd card multiple times and try to install infusions multiple times. I would select the sd card for install but only the symlink would show up on the internal... I finally started from scratch and installed every infusion to the sd card and that actually appeared to work. But, then any minimized tiles now won't come back up. I've tried multiple browsers. And even the 36NEH seems to be having issues. Not quite sure what's going on... but until a few updates my pineapple is shelved.
  3. I'm sorry but you're going to need to elaborate on what exactly you're expecting to see and where. Are you expecting something to just show up in Windows10? Is this an internet facing adapter on your pineapple? Is this an internet facing adapter on your Windows10 machine? Need more details to figure out what you're trying to do...
  4. While you can use other browsers, and they do work, there can be funny things that happen. I think Chrome is the "supported" browser. If you can, I would suggest you get a larger Class 10 microSD card for your pineapple. The one that came with is a Class 4, I think, and you will notice a difference in upgrading to the Class 10. Over the air updates have worked every time for me so I can't recommend going the harder route... And, what's this about your channel making it 5ghz? The channel on the Pineapple? On your home router makes sense if that's the one you were trying to "see" with your pineapple but it couldn't find it because a MKV can't see 5ghz networks. And I assume you're talking about using an external battery like a Pineapple Juice pack with your MKV...
  5. sud0nick is on to something there. You might try flushing your browser cache and isn't Chrome the right browser? Also, what kind of SD card are you using? Size and Class?
  6. Yep, just doing something slightly different... I'm just glad it was that easy for you and not some crazy baked in issue with only your pineapple. I assume that the install scripts for the infusions are taking care of the permissions you had to adjust manually as I've not read of anyone having problems installing.
  7. Walt, I responded yesterday to your other post... I know that suggesting using another browser shouldn't make a difference but I'm pretty sure Chrome is the one supported by the Pineapple. Don't get me wrong the others work but I've had funky issues with Safari and others. Also, what I suggested is that you give us a step by step or video of what it is you're doing including setting up your connections to and from the Pineapple... You've managed manual installs of the infusions so that tells me you're no noob but you might be doing something in a way we're not used to. Up to you.
  8. Walt, First off try using Chrome... Secondly, give us a step by step of what you're doing. Typing, screenshots, video would probably be better. Up to you but folks here might be able to help with a little more info. You sound like you know what you're doing but you might be doing it differently than what we expect.
  9. Relax Rkiver... I use my pineapple on Hotel wifi all the time. It's not an issue unless you start doing something you shouldn't on someone else's network. bace1978: Just connect to your pineapple via Ethernet or wlan0, and use the Client Mode tab to have wlan1 (or wlan2 if you have another adapter plugged in via usb) connect to the hotel's wifi. You do all this through the management page for the pineapple. When you have the Client Mode connected and you have an IP address either a popup will happen that gives you their login page/captive portal or open another tab in your browser and try to go to a known webpage. Attempting to go to a page is sometimes used to trigger their captive portal. If you have issue try different browsers. I've had some that trigger in Chrome but not in Safari and the reverse has happened as well. Once you enter the username and password it will authenticate the Pineapple and allow traffic through to the network. Once that happens any device that accesses the Pineapples broadcasted Access Point will gain access through to their network due to the network bridge in place (br-lan). In fact if the hotel access point (or any access point) just requires characters to be typed in to forms but not usernames/passwords you might try the infusion Portalauth. It's actually a pretty slick program that will sense a captive portal, allow you to clone it, or attempt to auto authenticate. Very handy.
  10. Odds are the firmware update is so new that the author is still updating their infusions... Find it's support thread and ask there.
  11. Your phone is connecting to the Pineapple but does it get access to the network or the internet through it?
  12. An accu is? Try a battery pack like the pineapple juice or Anker. You'll need the USB to barrel cable. Or try the power supply from a Mark 4( or other with compatible specs) if you have one. If none of those work you probably fried it dead. You'll have to buy a new one.
  13. An excellent rundown by Chris. One minor clarification though. wlan0 is not "only" for victims. You can use it as a real Access Point if you like or even connect to it yourself to get to the pineapples management page. Even when Karma is running this is possible. I don't want you or others to believe that interface is useless for other purposes...
  14. I doubt it's actually bad.... Again it would not at first allow me to connect either. But after changing settings it will now.
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