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  1. I was wondering if I could get some help with my new Mark Vii. The first thing I would like to know is which antenna is for which radio? I would like to label my pineapple with the radio for each antenna. I also wanted to know if anyone was able to get the Alfa AWUS036AC to work with the Mark Vii? My pineapple sees the device when I lsusb. I would like to be able to use this card to detect 5Ghz networks and work with them. Thanks for your time Mark
  2. I'm hoping someone can help with this. I would like to setup a script that once my nano is connected to the internet to have it create an SSH tunnel to my existing SSH server. I would like all traffic to go through the SSH tunnel back to my server. I sometimes use my pineapple on open networks. The other reason i would like to do this is my tv provider has an app that lets me watch tv on my phobe but you have to be on your home network to view it. I have setup openvpn access server to try to accomplish this outside of my network bit somehow the software detects that and does t let
  3. i am running 1.1.2 on my nano. I have the autossh module installed. What I am trying to get configured it to be able to access the GUI via autossh. I have it working right now to be able to ssh into via port 2222 as remote and 22 as local. I have tried to add -R 1472:localhost:1471 to the /etc/config/autossh that ends up disabling my autossh. What is the best way to get this to work so I can access the GUI remotely? I have read through everything and I am just not getting this at all. any help on this would be great thanks
  4. I have a stupid question and its probably more a noob question. under Filters should I add my mac addresses of my network cards in their?
  5. Here is my issue. I connect my alfa awus036nha then set it in client mode as wlan2. Internet is working fine. I run pineap all check boxes active. Everything runs great for about 20 minutes. All of a sudden The alfa card turns off. I can no longer access the pineapple ssid. I have to then pull power and disconnect the alfa card then and now I can log back in. I have glazed and reset this numerous times. I am on the latest firmware 1.0.5.. Any help would be great. I hope I don't have a defective nano. The pineapple juice 4000 that came with the tactical version the power button was broke. So
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