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  1. Instead of using ICS (Internet Connection Sharing over USB) connect the Pineapple to the Internet via one of the spare radios (EG: wlan2) and now try it and oilaa the ticks will stay on on both use PineAP Enterprise and Enable Passthrough Both should work if you connect to the internet via the Pineapple ;0)
  2. 'Yeah, I worked it out the other day I only changed the other lines and skipped the etc/config/wireless and it works fine, my PineAP recon is working on 2.4GHz as well as 5GHz like a charm
  3. Appreciate that but ist has being a very long time is already 1.0.2 firmware so that is two firmware updates and only 6 modules??? I have managed to install via openwrt bettercap, kismet and a few other updated tools which they available to be used as ipk but WHY NOT AS A MODULE? come on we need it to be further developed as is a cracking machine and a I said earlier we all busy but is not a couple of montths old is it is already nearly a year old and yes as you said COVID is slowing down things but during covid days isn't it the best time to invest on developing as all you need is your linux machine and internet and start developing, I am only a newbie so no expert but I am trying to learn and contribute all the time so those who can please fork the modules and develop as the mk VII is a sweeeeert machine just need more modules and better 5ghz support (I have managed to get awus036acm to work on PineAP but a hack5 module would look better as it would look more neat and shuld be easier and integrated to the system as I had to alter a few files to make it work) OVERALL GREAT POTENTIAL JUST NEED YOU GUYS FORKING AND DEVELOPING THOSE MODULES
  4. the way I have done it (I am a newbie so if is a better way please tell) I have download the zip from the git site GitHub - adde88/openwrt-useful-tools: A repo containing different tools compiled specifically for the Hak5 WiFi Pineapple MK6 and MK7. then unzipped it and upload the ipks that I want it to a tmp folder that I made on the pineapple MK VII via ssh "mkdir ./tmp/" then I smply ftp all the ipks that I wanted (bettercap being the one I wanted most ;0) into the /tmp/ folder and then on ssh I navigated to the /tmp/ folder "cd ./tmp/" then I just did an opkg update (aparently is recommended not to do an opg upgrade so just update as I was told via discord) then opkg install filename.ipk for example for bettercap: opkg install bettercap_2.28-2_mipsel_24kc.ipk I hope that helps, as I said I am a noob in pineapple and I only dabbled on Kali Linux so not an expert at all but it seemed to worked and according to discord users I did it the correct way so I hope it helps and if anybody has a better way please contribute. PEACE
  5. I noticed the same on my MK VII however if you connect the wlan2 radio to wifi instead of ics then it allows you to use the PineAP Enterprose and the tick will stay on, so basically you need to connect via wifi instead of internet conection sharing. I hope that helps
  6. Same here, I sold my nano 6th gen because I was getting the MK VII and now I am missing all those modules that were available on the MK VI, I know what Hak5 says regarding modules are up to the modules developers to fork to the new MK VII but is like washing their hands and saying we delivered the device the rest is upto you, still feels a bit BETA with a good potential to become a very good device but still not there. SO TO ALL MODULE'S DEVELOPERS FOR THE PREVIOUS VERSIONS START FORKING THEM TO THE MK VII AS IT HAS A LOT OF POTENTIAL AND HAK5 DO DEVELOP THAT DAMN 5GHZ MODULE AND IMPROVE THE PINEAP AND RECON AS WELLL AS THE FIRMWARE IN GENERAL AND WE WILL HAVE A PRODUCT OY THE YEAR, PEACE OUT!!
  7. Don't get the 'option ifname 'wlan3' in that post , is it a line on its own or needs a new radio with more options to add to the file or replace the option ifname 'wlan1' line, is the only option that I don't understand how to add on etc/config/wireless, can you shade any light on this?
  8. Would it be possible to make a video or make some help file/ documentation on how to setup the external suported wifi card for use with PineAP , the AWUS036ACM is supported but some config files need to edited as is not as easy as just pluggin the wifi card i. It would be nice if it was video on your channel showing how to configure the config files on the wifi Pineapple MK VII for all of us that are starting on this wonderful device or just add a page on this on the online documentation ;0)
  9. I have bought the AWUS036ACM as is being a while waiting for the 5GHz module for the pineapple MK VII and is a real struggle to setup, I have connected to it and seees the card however is using wlan1 for pineap instead of the wlan3 , so I have edit the config files around but can't see to get it quite right, also the light on the AWUS036ACM doesn't light up when in use so you never know if is working by siply looking at the led on the AWUS as the driver seems not to use the led on the wifi card. Is there anybody that could help me to set the pineapple correctly to use the AWUS036ACM on PineAP please? Thank you in advance
  10. I am stuck on this, on /etc/config/wireless: do I create a new radio 3 and if so what are the options or do I just put the line optionifname 'wlan3' at the end of the file? is it any chance you could share the whole code on the etc/config/wireless ?
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