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  1. @Zylla Sorry for the late reply, got hit by RL. Had a dig through the basement, was sure i still had a lenovo t420 laying around. Turns out all i got left of old stuff is an acer something with just a i3 in it. So if CPU is what you are looking for i doubt this one will be worth shipping.
  2. @Zylla Depending on which specs you are looking for, I might have one i could ship your way.
  3. Awesome Zylla. btw one of the links on page 1 on this post throws an error when trying to get the hcxtools, i had to go to your github repo to get one of the ipk's
  4. That did the trick, could run the attack. now i just need to symlink some other stuff it seems to run the hcxpcaptool
  5. Set the pineapple up with a fresh flashed img. downloaded the ipk files and did these steps: root@Pineapple:~# opkg update Downloading https://www.wifipineapple.com/nano/packages/Packages.gz. Updated list of available packages in /var/opkg-lists/chaos_calmer_pineapple. Downloading https://downloads.openwrt.org/chaos_calmer/15.05/ar71xx/generic/packages/base/Packages.gz. Updated list of available packages in /var/opkg-lists/chaos_calmer_base. Downloading https://downloads.openwrt.org/chaos_calmer/15.05/ar71xx/generic/packages/packages/Packages.gz. Updated list of available
  6. Realized I didn't copy the right stuff. Here we go again: root@Pineapple:~# hcxdumptool -o test.pcapng -i wlan1mon --enable_st atus 1 -ash: hcxdumptool: not found root@Pineapple:~#
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. something still seems off though as im getting error messages saying hcxdumptool is not found: root@Pineapple:~# root@Pineapple:~# -ash: root@Pineapple:~#: not found root@Pineapple:~#
  8. Might be a noob question, but how would i go about installing this. When move the ipk files to the nano all i get while trying to install is: root@Pineapple:~# opkg install hcxtools_4.2.1-3_ar71xx.ipk --dest sd Installing hcxtools (4.2.1-3) to sd... Configuring hcxtools. grep: /usr/lib/opkg/info/hcxtools.control: No such file or directory cat: can't open '/usr/lib/opkg/info/hcxtools.list': No such file or directory
  9. I'm having the same issue as above. Haven't been able to get a capture since firmware update, although my rpi sitting next to the nano gets them without issues
  10. Depends what modules you run. My best mileage running PineAp and collecting data to the pool is ~8 hours with every PineAp setting checked.
  11. Anyone working on a KRACK module?
  12. Does anyone had any luck getting this running on the nano?
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