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  1. You could always use proxychains from the laptop into the pineapple and scan that way.
  2. I literally just got a nexus 5 yesterday. I will test it and let you know. Someone else had tested it before and it seemed to work.
  3. Odd, any errors when installing or more details you can provide?
  4. http://magikh0e.xyz/pubPapers/Kismet-AndroidGPS.html https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/34872-infusion-wifi-locator/
  5. Yes, sorry for the long delay. Was in the middle of moving and switching jobs. Going to start back up on this. I will release it within the next two weeks. Development had stopped for a bit, but I am going to pick up where I left off today.
  6. Another good site for keeping things browser related up to date and patched is the Qualys Browser check. They also have an enterprise edition which allows you to monitor multiple browsers. Completely free too. https://browsercheck.qualys.com/?euid=&ls=1
  7. 1. Accessing the msfrpcd daemon. Only supports one username/password, but would allow multiple logins. 2. Most likely did not detect anything exploitable. "Have not seen or tried the examples in the video".
  8. hrm odd, I assume you are using the latest and greatest firmware? What happens if you rtun the same commands on wlan1?
  9. What does 'iwconfig' report after issuing the command: ifconfig wlan0 down && iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor?
  10. Is mon0 even enabled, perhaps its not thats why you don't see it... Try the following Does mon0 show up after this? When mon0 does show up, the command should be
  11. Hi All, Working on a new infusion that assist with using the WiFiPineapple as a war driving device. The infusion and packages add GPS support to the already existing kismet package. As well as the ability to use an Android device as the GPS. Prebuilt packages and sources available here: http://magikh0e.ihtb.org/wifipineapple/. I have already started the basics of the infusion any ideas or comments would be appreciated! Below is some screenshots of what I have done so far. Packages Required kismet_server (main repo) libgps (my repo) libgpsd (my repo) gpsd (my repo) adb (my repo) Device
  12. Yeah DataHead is right. http://wifipineapple.com is having issues. http://www.wifipineapple.com/ seems fine. Work around for now, would be to edit /pineapple/components/system/bar/files/downloader and change the urls.
  13. Yeah strange, everything looks fine. The command for checking the version should be: cat /etc/pineapple/pineapple_version
  14. The website is currently having issues. Give it a bit to be resolved. Then they should show up np.
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