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  1. i dont have root on my phone and with the terminal app nothing shows up as i type ifconfig do i need root?
  2. i run android 5.0.1 htc sense version 6.0 can i share screenshots of the menu here .png ? on the pc it works fine keep up the good work and enjoy the holidays
  3. i have a htc one m8 europian version when i connect the nano whit usb thetering on the phone sees nano but the app stil says no usb tethering enabled i can choose diverent options in the tethering menu like smart usb tethering usb tethering troughput of internet mirror link on all the options i can not connect to the nano true the app the computer sees the nano and my phone if i connect them seperetly so the phone and the nano works also the phone says htc sync manager dowload popup and media mtp connected what can i do more to connect my app to the nano tnxs
  4. hello everybody i got a quastion how can i connect to i hotel or cabel providers wifi hotspot like ziggo in the netherlands with de pineapple u have to put in a long user name and then a password can u help me ? greetz bace1978 the netherlands
  5. ok after a update to the newest firmware and installing it internaly it stil locks up the brower wat to do?
  6. i also do not get the buttons to push for list and map vieuw runnig the newest firmware and yes got a dongel plugd in wat to du? i stil learning the wofo of piniapple random rol is fun as hel hahah
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