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Yeah, I must tell you guys that obviously editing the infusion to add rolls is your own responsibility, so if you mess it up, its on you to make backups.

Automatic showing of rolls that are added I will attempt to add and is on my list :)

It took me a bit to figure out that I needed to change the functions.php as well as the large_tile.php files, but once I got that, I can bounce between my infusions as well as the included infusions.


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header("Cache-Control: no-cache, must-revalidate"); // HTTP/1.1
header("Expires: Sat, 26 Jul 1997 05:00:00 GMT"); // Date in the past

$loop = 0;
foreach(glob("/www/*.php") as $roll){
        $rolls[$loop] = $roll;
        //[debug] echo " $roll ";


$element = rand(0, count($rolls)-1);


I would like to recommend setting the cache directives in php rather than as a html meta tag. This way they're actually set as http headers which is better supported. (I had some issues with music not being dropped from cache when refreshing)

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There's definitely something going on in the RR functions.php file. My favorite roll AfroCircus kept refusing to load but a quick change from 'afro' to 'afroroll' seems to have fixed that....

As for the login page issue Seb of course provided the fix. :)

Edit: Sniped out my incorrect assumptions/ramblings on what was causing it.

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The firmware upgrade DID break randomroll, but it was intentional. It is part of a set of security fixes we implemented.

The fix is very simple though:

Just install randomroll as you normally would. Before setting it set up, SSH in and edit the following file: /sd/infusions/randomroll/assets/files/index.php. Go to the VERY end of the file and add <?php exit(); ?> to it. This needs to be the last entry in the file. Once you have completed that step, proceed setting up randomroll (especially the enable index.php). If you have already set up randomroll, first disable index.php and then do the above changes. Then re-enable it.


Best Regards,


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No, it looks like the pbjt.mp3 is missing from that build.

Ill release a fix tonight, hopefully with a couple new features.

Ohhh can't wait to see what the new features are.

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Well, yes and no. gif+music is the better option if it works reliably across platforms and the music caching is done right. As it is right now, it seems fairly broken. Often music isn't discarded and reloaded from cache along with a new page and it plays two tracks.

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