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Pics of your room/home


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Hey, famicoman, I have the same wooden drawer thingy that your two power adapters with the orange glowing switches are sitting on. Im guessing its rather old? There are two in my basement that came from m grandparents house

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the original room in this thread has got to be the lamest room in the world. what does your mom clean it for you or something?

lol whats with that? i try to keep my room as neat as possible, all my junk is in my study/office/server room/computer grave yard the only thing i use my room for is sleeping in and checking my mail late at night, or programing when i wake up in a cold sweat finaly understanding why that damn "Sorry un-able to compile" message keeps appearing. oh and my rooms for impressing the ladies... (hmm must be a shit heap then <_<)

Ill have to post my room tomoz, to dark atm my cam cant take the shot.

Oh aardwolf im Jealous, love the set up

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