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Alfa Ap51 Discontinued

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So I got in touch with an Alfa dealer up here in Canada to find out about getting my hands on some AP51s. The dealer told me that the AP51 has been discontinued. Any idea what the deal is? If this is true It's going to be hard to get any hardware to make your own pineapples, and maybe it will eventually become hard to get actual pineapples?

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Atheros end of lifed the AR2315 SoC. Its sad i know.

Damn that sucks! Looks like i ordered my mark 3 Pineapple just in time!

What does this mean for the future of Pineapples? :mellow:

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I have been in touch with Alfa, and have working on a deal directly with them. Due to environmental factors some parts and items may be limited for them. I have made a deal with Alfa directly and will be receiving 100 AP51's or a mix of AP51's and iMesh51's, i will be selling them just slightly over cost once the deal has been finalized and the routers are received.

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