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  1. Thanks, let me know, I did e-mail them and haven't received a response yet.
  2. Thinking about ordering a AP51 PCB from data-alliance. Does anyone know if the PCB comes with a power supply or is it just a board?
  3. /noobfail I'll give it a whirl and see what happens.
  4. Just flashed my Fon 2100, I can access it via SSH no problem but when I try to access it via web I get this:
  5. I used the JasagerPwn script on Backtrack to make this happen. In windows you can use the Intercepter-NG app.
  6. So I got in touch with an Alfa dealer up here in Canada to find out about getting my hands on some AP51s. The dealer told me that the AP51 has been discontinued. Any idea what the deal is? If this is true It's going to be hard to get any hardware to make your own pineapples, and maybe it will eventually become hard to get actual pineapples?
  7. Just heard about Intercepter-NG from thehackernews. It looks like it could do some similar functions as JasagerPWN but you will have the ease of a gui running on windows. Probably not as cool as JasagerPWN and deffinately less functionality but I figure it would be worth a mention. Here is a link to the hackernews article: http://thehackernews.com/2011/11/intercepter-ng-new-sniffing-tool.html I tried it out today but my stupid ICS was acting up so I didn't get it working, the only traffic I was able to capture was me httping to the webif of the pineapple.
  8. Thinking about how to boost the strength of the antenna on my Pineapple v2. Does anyone have any successful antenna mod or power boosting stories they'd like to share?
  9. if it's an AP51 that kinda disappointing. If it was a dual nic model it would have been nice for some "Interceptor" development. I was really hoping that the MKIII would be dual nic.
  10. fofusion, did you ever end up getting some hardware that will work? I think the new Pineapple MKIII hardware should work out, as it has two physical interfaces.
  11. It works! I don't know why it's off by default, I was able to enable it on both the wan and lan interfaces, I had tried it before but I noobed it up by not clicking the save changes button before applying the changes. Thanks Bobby!
  12. The Pineapple MKIII looks like it's built on Alfa hardware. Anyone know what model? I have a few of those APs kicking around and I wouldn't mind turning one of them into a pineapple!
  13. I'm looking for this info too, I guess it will be out after the MKIII ends up in the hands of consumers. There will likely be a de-bricking guide or something that will help us out.
  14. So when you disabled DHCP on the wan it worked ok? If so I guess you can only have dhcp enabled on one "zone". Interesting.
  15. So I know this is a noob question but I can't seem to figure this out. I have a pineapple, if I connect my laptop to the ethernet port I get an IP of showing that the DHCP server is working. If I power on another device it boots up and I see it pop up in the Jasager interface with the SSID it is trying to join, however after that nothing happens, the machine does not get an IP via DHCP. I tried it with few different devices too, my iPhone, my Xoom, no luck. Can someone point out what my noobish self is doing wrong?
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