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  1. I stay in Arkansas we can just use the flat rate shipping and a little bubble wrap would be the cheapest route to mail it all I'll even add a little extra cash for shipping if you me to....
  2. You say 125$ for both? I'll take em off your hands I'll pay yah Tuesday anytime after 6am pm me your PayPal account
  3. http://www.arrl.org/licensing-education-training http://www.arrl.org/shop/What-s-New/ http://www.arrl.org/federal Assuming your in the US this will get you started if you need more detailed info on the tests you guys are more than welcome to message me.
  4. As far as your license goes message me and I'll send you all the info you need on the test lol I actually volenteer locally giving the tests. I'm certified for all 3 levels.
  5. I've been working on a script to run at startup to get my wireless interfaces prepared and set. So far testing this I have : Ifconfig wlan1 down; iw reg set BO; iwconfig wlan1 channel 13; iwconfig wlan1 txpower 30; macchanger -r wlan1; ifconfig wlan1 up But when I view the system logs I'm seeing a few errors : cron.error crond[1730]: time disparity of 23360425 minutes detected DFS Master region: unset Regulatory domain changed to country: BO SET failed on device wlan1; Device or resource busy. Error for wireless request "Set Frequency" (8B04) cfg80211: Calling CRDA for country:BO Any of you have an idea why this isn't working?
  6. Alright another couple dumb question what are the default locations for all the log files? And where do you guys save your scripts USB or SD?
  7. Alright thanks yea I prolly sound dumb here never wrote a bash script. Been using kali since the backtrack r3 days. Got a 3 ring binder with every software manual and command in the help files/manuals for kali
  8. Alright thanks. I'm trying to write a command to continually deauth all APs in range I know how to do it command line I just aren't sure about how to run multiple commands via 1 DIP command. I guess what I need to know is how am I suppose to separate the commands?
  9. I guess this would be classified as a dumb question but what info can I get from you guys on the DIP Switch system. Anyone care to elaborate on syntax and anything that will help us develop our own commands? I searched forums first and google also didn't find a whole lot of info on it.. Thanks for any help guys
  10. I would imagine it's the open source free version. I'm not 100% positive but I believe I've seen people mention that the pineapple is all open source minus the hardware itself
  11. Just started using this infusion :) love it. Works great for me thanks to the dev
  12. Can't complain when it's a free tool guys. Works fine for me. Not sure exactly what it's suppose to do but it connects and runs fine on my mk5
  13. Yea I added a copper heatsink kit and a .5A cooling fan along with the X100 expansion board which was a life saver in the end. Allows me to hook up a 23 volt laptop power cord and regulates power to the RPi along with 3 powered usb slots and an extra sd card slot. Oh and with the expansion board I can't use the top of the Pi's case so that helps with heat a little I believe
  14. I plan on getting a couple more RPi's and setting up a cluster for more ram. Although everything seems to run really well surprisingly I don't see what everyone talks about when they say the RPi is slow. It loads webpages in about 2 mins (which even though that's slower than my internet at home is now, I had dial up growing up so it doesn't bother me any) the only hiccup is the lack of being able to watch youtube videos on iceweasel.as far as plans it's just going to be my truck computer system (Mobile Kali-Pineapple-Pi)
  15. Figured ild post an update on my project. I've got everything pretty much ready. The raspberry pi is setup with a 16gb sd card and kali linux is running from my 1tb usb hard drive ( just finished installing the metasploit-framework and all of the missing software back into kali ) oh and of course you see my alfa wifi adapter I still need to shorten some of the cables and get a different case for the RPi. I fixed the /boot/config.txt issue and over-clocked my RPi , adjusted the memory split, & created a 15gb swap partition with the renaming sd card. Anyone have any ideas on how to setup the pineapple to upload logs to my private FTP server?
  16. Alright I'm waiting on /dev/sdb1 (HDD Partition) to finish the resize2fs function and fill the entire HDD with the Kali file system and then all I have left is to work on the fstab & to edit the boot cmdline.txt.. I know the RPi Kali image doesn't have a working cmdline.txt so can anyone point me in the right direction with info on making this work?
  17. Http://www.c-mobberley.com/wordpress/2013/04/13/moving-raspberry-pi-root-folders-from-sd-card-to-usb-hdd/ Has pretty detailed info also. Between these two sites hopefully I can work this out. Thanks guys and I'll update if I manage to make it work
  18. yea I used dd command above wrote kali to my sd card. booted into kali and set up partitions on hard drive and copied the file system over to the partition for Linux. expanded partition to use entire 950GB.
  19. yea ive gotten that far. I have 2 partitions on HDD. 1 for the file system /dev/sdb1 (950GB) and another for the Linux swap /dev/sdb2 (15GB). the Rpi image of Kali doesn't have a /boot/conifg.txt so ive been trying every tutorial ive seen online and haven't had any luck.
  20. been trying all night to get this to work. ive got the file system onto the external hdd. can someone point me in the right direction to free up the sd card for RAM and run kali from my usb hdd? thanks
  21. Good to know xrad thanks for that post +1 bro
  22. I just ordered new antennas for my pineapple man look for something like this http://www.amazon.com/dp/B003ZWPS3O/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_awdm_LkuDtb0ET0GMW But like they where telling you, you will need an adaptor like this http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HR1ACQW/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_awdm_ziwDtb1QVBBE3
  23. Thanks yea that sounds like the easiest way to do it
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