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  1. Awesome setup! What's the tripod model? Could you provide a link? Thanks!
  2. wow! haha, I'm looking for a system to integrate inside an enclosed hdd case for my AP51. But I'm still debating either to risk a custom internal battery/smart bat charger which can potentially explode lol or just run it off the external battery pack. What did you use for the Ethernet port? And do you know if its possible to create two power inputs? I'm thinking of hooking up a USB Port +/- to a DC +/- going into a barrel for the router. Would that cause any issues?
  3. I'm trying to find instructions on how to do a diy smart charger, to charge the batteries without taking them about of the custom case. And to power the router with a dc cable when available. Charging the batteries directly to a plug can be dangerous
  4. What exactly happens of i dont use a crossover cable but a patch cable? : X
  5. Thats awesome! how do you have batteries and the dc plug set up? I want to get rechargable batteries connected to the router, and have a dc connection to the batteries themselfs to charge them. But wouldnt it overcharge the batteries if just connected directly?
  6. What kind of battery are you using? Im assuming its,rechargable?
  7. Was the tripod big enough? I just got my tripod and it looks a bit too small? I havn't gotten my antenna just yet. Could you post some pics on how you attached it? ^^ thanks!
  8. So what exactly is this for? http://wifipineapple.com/doku.php?id=guide_for_flashing_compiled_mark_iii_firmware to make a Ap51 into a pineapple? Thanks.
  9. I went the cheap way out! lol 4x20 Air Rifle Telescopic Scope Sights $5.19 Universal Mini Tripod Stand $1.14 Shipping included, I'm just hoping the tripod will actually last...lol
  10. Do you actually use the Yagi Antenna sniper tripod you have? And does it come handy?
  11. Hey guys, I had a question about the power source. The specifications say "Power DC 12V,1A" for the power, how can 4x AA Batteries make this work? 1x AA = 1.2V according to some battery specs. Thanks
  12. Yea I saw that, sorry I reworded my question(s).
  13. So, the 16dBi Yagi Antenna from the store is just a high end antenna for the pineapple, wifi, etc correct? It would just benefit the range distance? And would there be any issues with using it? Thanks
  14. I want to support the show, But would like to do it myself so I can learn how it all works.
  15. I have a question, Would it be possible to filter certain SSID? Like, blacklist "Airline Internet" ssid etc? Also, what exactly is the sniper thing Darren has? And how can I make one? :D lol
  16. I was able to get 1 of them before they ran out.
  17. Can someone make a tutorial how to make the Mark III? All I know is that it uses Alfa AP51 hardware. Thanks.
  18. Which model is it using? I'd like to make my own! Want to know how everything functions. Do you guys think they are going to release a tutorial to unlock it, and install it?
  19. Hey guys new to this. So correct me if I'm wrong, Pineapple is basically a router with OpenWrt installed in it correct? Which can be used to make users connect to it and do man in the middle attacks etc? If so is it possible to install OpenWrt on another type of router? Thanks
  20. Hl2 Game Server :P and i just restarted the machine, and it started to work. Thanks Guys.
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