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  1. there is some screw holes under the rubberfeet if i remember correct, and on the motherboard there are pins where you can connect a console cable, on the ones in my closset there where also room for a seccond Ethernet port, so if you know how to use a soldering iron, and manage to flash it, you will have a nice little box... :) by the way, if i remember correct it presents itself as another model when booting, and the model its showing via the console is easier to find an image for, cant remember if its openwrt or ddwrt, but im sure you will find it ;-)
  2. http://new.livestream.com/accounts/398160/events/1594566/player_pop_up
  3. damm Barry, your setup is awsome, i was kind of aiming for the same style, but yours is better
  4. just after posting this, i ofcourse found this: http://wiki.openwrt.org/doku.php?id=oldwiki:openwrtdocs:hardware:zinwell:zw4400 but still have no idea if i have to compile some custom openWRT or i can use one of the standart ones
  5. Hi there, i got my hands on 2 mesh AP's from zinwell, i cant really see if its ZW4400 or ZW4200 because i cant find pictures of them, and the info on the boards is not easy to decode. they have 4 Atheros wifi cards each, so thought they might be fun with openWRT on them. when i look at this wiki page i can see that they use redboot http://www.wiligear....0_Install_Guide have anyone of you gues played with one of theese before, and maybe got a custom openWRT running??
  6. haha, yeah, that is always a fun way to spend the afternoon, but i dont think that will do much here, as the router is not bricked, and has just been updated to the latest firmware (everything else seems to work fine), so its standart configs and clean install already :D
  7. i actually tried this before posting, and i raised the sleep to 30, still no luck in auto mounting
  8. i upgraded my mk4, and forgot to take a copy of my conf files. im using a huawei e180 3g modem, with a micro sd card as swap and storage. i found someone in the forums who uses the same type of modem, so got the 3g part down. but the sd card is not auto mounting, and in /dev sda1 and sda2 is not showing up, only sda. now i tried the bellow, and look there, mounted, and sda1 and sda2 now showing up in /dev root@Pineapple:~# df -h Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on rootfs 1.1M 284.0K 868.0K 25% / /dev/root 5.0M
  9. Just got my MK4 up and running yesterday, and while playing around found this update, and everything just got better.. :D
  10. hell yeah!! got my first Raspberry PI,and got it up and running with openELEC, now i just have to get that damm 3D printer build so that i can make a better case, right now im using the box it came in :D
  11. i have an ac adapter connected, but the VDD pin is also connected if its that one you mean. first cable i tried didnt have the VDD pin covered, and that way all output is totaly scrambled. and look what happends if i just copy/paste the commands into the router instead of writing the commands manualy. ar7240> þù÷ÿðxüÿÀÿøù~®ò`÷þ¾þîøþx<ø{ÜùüÈþ§÷~?ÄîÏø~÷ü.ÿ÷ÙÈ{¾|ùùù ar7240> ?þùÏÿ Saving Environment tÿ Flash... Protect off 9F040000 ... 9F04FFFF Un-Protecting sectors 4..4 in bank 1 Un-Protected 1 sectors Erasing Flash...Erase Flash from 0x9f040000 to 0x9f04ffff in Bank #
  12. yes, did a tripple-tjeck as the first thing when it didnt work, and have set it both in putty, and device manager... i have even tried the other standard baud rates to see if my router was somehow special
  13. i have just tried connecting the ground connector on the router with a wire to my miditower, still did not do the trick, but i actually think there might be something to it, because i found it really weird that its only some chars, and not all of them that gets scrambled, and if i type the same command 2 times in a row "help" for example, then its not the same chars that get scrambled...
  14. as said, i got kernel panic, im counting that as "messed up"
  15. yes, and i have already ordered a new cable, but that takes about 14 days before it arrives, and got the AP121U today, so wanted to play now now now :D
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