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  1. just copying and pasting the code, encoding it and putting on my ducky, I keep getting a replace file prompt on my Win7 machine and the script never fully finishes the prompt is from the bypass UAC section
  2. your workbench is way to clean
  3. Odd, I got mine and connected it to my Win10 laptop and had no issues
  4. Thanks! Sorry to bother, i was trying to download the past week or so and just wondered if i had a bad link i was clicking
  5. I have the MK3 FW on Fon 2100 A/B/C/D/F, 2200, 2201, Open Mesh 3201A and the old OM1P and newer OM1P, AP51, APXX, and R36
  6. I have been in touch with Alfa, and have working on a deal directly with them. Due to environmental factors some parts and items may be limited for them. I have made a deal with Alfa directly and will be receiving 100 AP51's or a mix of AP51's and iMesh51's, i will be selling them just slightly over cost once the deal has been finalized and the routers are received.
  7. Have 2.0.1 working on the following hardware, added my script to enable wifi regardless of karma being on or off after flashing Fon 2100 A/B/C/D/F Fon 2200 Fon 2201 Open Mesh 3201A Open Mesh OM1P **will test the OM2P when the time comes** Alfa AP51 Alfa iMesh51 Alfa **** ( new hardware i am testing and not sure if everything works yet)
  8. I would like to in addition to a U-Boot image file for the OM2P, a .img file for another router hardware i am testing to see if it would work.
  9. That Company you posted Protocol is in the same city as me about 15min from my house, i just went and visited them to see how many AP51's they had and i got 2 for free. I wasnt expecting to get any for free but thought it was worth a try after your post.
  10. I will be adding a linux flashing guide soon, i am getting away from winblows and will myself only flash on my linux boxes. If someone has one already built message me and i will add it.
  11. To just connect to the pineapple after flash or when you get it delivered from the hakshop is the router IP with the web interface at, when flashing you can leave your IP dynamic or set it to, if you set it to static make sure you follow the last steps and set it back to dynamic, if you are done flashing or got yours just delivered, make sure you have a dynamic IP chosen or set a static of 172.16.42.XXX
  12. Thanks WCS, i will add this to the guide which will help out for sure!
  13. redboot auto uses and is coded with the range 192.168.0.XX it will never use the IP range 172.16.42.XX, that is only for when you go to connect to the pineapple after you have finished flashing as listed as the last step to set your ethernet back to dynamic.
  14. One thing to note, during my flashing of about 10 devices i noticed some it took a while for it to fully boot and show interface enabled so i would first, unless you want to re-flash due to other issues, try unplugging the router for about 1 min and then plugging the power back in and leave it sitting/booting for 5min and then check on it. Just a suggestion
  15. If you are getting stuck at the point where it connects, shows peer ip and your ip and mac's, but goes no further it is not flashing, i would recommend what Protocol said and download the 1.9 FW, place it in a different location like C:\, re-run the flash tool and follow the steps in my guide: "Next step is to make sure your router is connected via ethernet to your computer, it should NOT be plugged into its power/AC adapter, and lastly you choose the correct interface in the Interface drop down in the Ap51 Flash tool. Once you have checked the above, hit Go!, once you see the first entry for No Packet! Very quickly plug in the power to your router and you should see the following pop up. If it does not take the first time, unplug your router, hit Close on the AP51 Flashing tool and then reopen the tool, reselect your files and this time as soon as you see the first two lines showing reading rootfs and kernel file plug your routers power in very quickly. I during testing have left the tool displaying No packet! For over 30sec and then powered my router in and it still worked but beware each device has its own mind, for the AP51 router you may need to plug it in very quickly after starting the tool."
  16. ya going back to dynamic is in teh last part of the flashing steps, always a kicker
  17. yup, i havent used one during flashing yet since my NIC does the same thing, but when flashing it could no detect your router at all
  18. also the steps and the reason why index doesnt work in in the MK3 flashing guide
  19. on my OM1P i turned on all services except airmon-ng, after a few hours i went to check on it and it looks like it rebooted itself, now just running karma and urlsnarf, will post as i test, urlsnarf still will reboot the Fon2100 since it runs out of RAM. going to vegas for the weekend and i plan to bring my OM1P, 3201A and 2201 for testing, maybe the 2100 too, cant wait to see the airport results tonight Update: after turning karmer and urlsnarf on i can no longer access the web interface, its still on, per the code the wifi light is on so karma must be on, will try a power cycle and see what happens Update: currently trying a 3201A, going to start the services karma and urlsnarf and let it run for a few hours. Update: i to only see data in the ARP and DHCP logging section, nothing else, this happens on all my devices i test, 2100 A/B/C, 2100 D/F, OP3201A, OM1P, 2201, and my 2202. Update: have an Open Mesh 3201A fired up, one weird thing is that this out of all my devices responds the quickest and seems to work the best even though my OM1P has better HW, have the following services up Karma, URLSnarf and NGrep, no data showing in both but i did just fire them up and connect the pineapple to internet, will check the data in about 30min or so and also to see if i ran into the same issues as last night, as far as the different range of IP on the internet SSID, i thought that was intended and a good idea so no one could access the interface at all, but i do understand how it could be useful, with the non karma SSID, pineapple, i can access the interface and get my services started Update: had my 3201A MK3 crash and had to power cycle, same happened to my OM1P, services running were karma, ngrep and urlsnarf, after reboot ran just karma and ngrep and after a few clients connecting it started to lag and almost crash if i didnt stop ngrep, now its running as normal with just karma, per the data and logs it looks like ngrep running is causing the router to crash and freeze up, but resources are not running out since it doesnt reboot itself, now trying karma and urlsnarf Update: nope, karma just died, it looks like urlsnarf is causing the problem, retrying karma and ngrep again, even though no data shows for ngrep, this crash took only a few minutes. Update: narrowed down the reboot cause, if i plug any of the MK3 routers directly into a switch/router to give it internet it causes the reboot, if i leave it unplugged it stays up and catches clients, have been watching it since the last update. I have not tried the normal way to give it internet via connection sharing, will try that tonight in the airport and post the results... Update: added a GPIO script i created so i can see if wifi is on regardless if Karma is started to see what happens after it crashes, so far it works on boot Update: while at my hotel i put up a 3201A Open Mesh MK3, just started Karma and URLSnarf, when i got back All services where off, but the interface was still enabled. Note: usually when i start karma and when it switches to the karma SSID and i connect it issues a IP other then the non Karma SSID 172.16.42.XXX, now with Karma running when i connect to SSID internet i still get the 172.16.42.XXX IP and can connect to the pineapple web interface, i am using my linux laptop vs the Winblows 7 laptop i used before to admin the pineapple. Can anyone confirm this IP issued? Update From Weekend: i used one specific pineapple all weekend while at the airport twice and while at my hotel, the weirdest thing that happened was that while leaving it running for two days if i didnt stay connected via cable it would i believe reboot, i didnt get to check uptime, if i didnt stay connected or connect via wirless when i came back at the least 2 hours later it would show all services off including karma. so i now have a router with great logs and other info to possibly identify any issues during a 2-3 day runtime. other then the possible reboot all services ran, but i never saw any data in the Ngrep, URLSnarf log areas, NGrep is a known issue and URLSnarf i didnt run/try prior to 1.9 so it could have worked previously.
  20. I created my pineapple army already after i told darren about my idea of creating an pineapple army, i currently, with permission have control of an entire apartment complex
  21. I still havent gotten my beer yet!! just playing with ya! Glad to hear, i appreciate your comment!
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