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I had heard it in the radion in Denmark today, in the news and in a show

I had newer thought he would be killed by a fish, as i renember in the news they told that only 2 persons in Australia has ever died form that fish.

Its typical of him to get killed in some insane way that only 1 had tryed before in Aus.

May He Rest In Peace, Steve Irwin the man who owned death so meny times.

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When ever I hear or read the word fish, I instantly picture a Tuna in my mind. It's one of the most common types of fish in the world, so it's not that supprising. However, becasue of this mental image, every time I hear some one say "Steve Irwin was killed by a fish", I laugh becasue the mental imagary of Steve Irwin been attacked by a Tuna and losing is damn funny.

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It was a sting-ray he got stung whit its spike, the 1 he got stung of was approximately 2 meters long and its spike was approximately 14 centimeters long! "thats 5.51 Inches!", the fish is poisonous but it cant realy kill u, what the news think is that he died caous he got stung realy close to the heart, it would be the same if u got stabbed whit a knife thats 14 centimeters long.

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They made a Southpark episode with him in it, where the whole gist of it was that was going to piss animals off by jamming his thumb (extreme close-up of his thumb) op their asshole. "Wooohooo, he's really mad now!"

Honestly, I thought the guy was as mad as a hatter. (Did you know that saying is rooted in mercury poisoning? See, you learn something new at Hak.5 every day)

It was all over the news here aswell, though they showed both footage of him doing his thing, as well as the scene where he's feeding the croc while holding that baby, and him explaining there was no danger in hiim doing that (did I ever mention that our media tries to cover more than one angle when reporting stuff?).

Quite interesting was that they also showed aireal footage of a ray in fairly shallow water snapping his tail. If you got hit by a big ray doing that with a spike in that tail, then yeah, I'm not at all surprised the guy bought it.

Still think it's a shame though.

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I liked Steve Irwin, except his views on pest control. So please don't slay me when I tell you this Steve Irwin joke...

And yesterday brought us the news that Steve Irwin had died. When asked about his love of childrens tv shows, Matt Bellamy remarked that although Steve Irwin loved Thunderbirds, he'd always had a place in his heart for Stingray.

Groans on a postcard please.

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