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August Desktops


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Bit messing atm would usually only have 2 lines of icons. ha I haven't taken a SS of this laptop wallpaper since Sep-09 long time to go without contributing to this long established thread.

Pic is when I was sailing around Ireland 4/5 years ago

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6 headed workstation running win7

6x 22" 1680x1050

top mid is a full screen ubuntu 10.4 VM

top right is a full screen osx 10.6 VM

win7 notes:

running window blinds with corp theme

running rainmeter with some of the enigma skins

Other notes:

Ubuntu VM is using a dedicated bridged NIC connected to a separate network with a Qwest DSL line, everything else is on the main NIC connected to a network with a Comcast cable connection. Reason being, I do a lot of torrenting and what not on the linux VM and don't like it interfering with my online gaming - that I do on another rig.

wallpaper is some random d/l from deviant art


Gaming rig desktop:


exterior pic of both setups


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okiwan's ss inspired me to do compiz cubeshot of my ubuntu VM. Grabbing the shot from the host machine was tricky since I had to be active inside the VM guest to get the cube up. I ended up using a timer to take the shot. I also have 3d support working on the osx VM - but it doesn't really do anything as cool as the compiz cube....


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sense people are posting there set up too...

this is my main computer. my hp desktop running ubuntu with a 37" HDMI TV for a monitor. i lay in bed all day cause comfort is king.


then i have my macbook pro running ubuntu. but ill be putting OSX back on it soon because.....


....i got this new addition to the family. my eeePC dual booting back track4 and win7.


but most of my hacking i use this bad boy.


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alright i'll bite.

This is my laptop's desktop.

BTW if someone knows how to take care of the screen going blank and locking up on any sort of suspend or hibernate please let me know. I'm getting ready to drop Kubuntu completely but I'm not a fan of the gnome desktop, yet i've like how polished ubuntu is compared to some of the other distros i've tired.


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*gasp* gnome > KDE

I would expect nothing less from a MAC user.....the one on the bottom of your post was probably one of the last good ones made..

well really ever since their first Ipod came out the quality of mac products had declined significantly.

alright off to the river to get drunk and wet. enough of my Mac hate.

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