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  1. the only thing i know of is in realtek settings is a loudness equalization which made voices quite when unchecked and voices normal when checked. it is currently checked and i have tried it both ways....
  2. I have not updated any drivers recently, however i believe windows ran an update recently since i cam home and my computer had rebooted but i dont recall if that was yesterday or the day before. here is my output from vlc: after having this problem i reinstalled my realtek driver and tried again but still nothing, any other suggestions? BTW, i do NOT like windows, however i use it for my gaming, i prefer linux.
  3. Hey all, so im on my built gaming desktop, i have a mobo with integrated sound card. its realtek. I also have a corsair gaming 5.1 speaker system. i have always been able to watch movies in WMP no problem. a couple days ago however, i threw gran torino in, and it started playing, i could hear everything, except when the people started talking. it was extremely quiet. i could hear a faint whisper to tell that they were still talking, but its really bad. i checked realtek sound settings and nothing had changed, i plugged in my headphones to the front of my pc, and i could hear the voices just fine. but not in the rear jack with my speakers. i tried VLC, and i had the same problem, however WMC did not have this problem. I went back to VLC, and i looked under settings and devices, and changed it from a 5.1 setting to "stereo" and it now works fine. however, WMP still doesnt work, and i cant find a similar settings option to change as i did find in VLC. Its weird because the night before, literally about 22 hours earlier, i had watched a movie just fine on my computer. Itunes nor any other music or audio playing seems to have any problems, and its just peoples voices. Any ideas what caused this or how to fix it in WMP? i really dont care between WMP and WMC, but its kinda like, WTF happened.... Windows 7 64 bit. integrated audio card. 5.1 corsair speakers/subwolfer carcharias headset Thanks guys, any info is appreciated if any one has had this problem...
  4. I will agree that the nmap book is amazing! i bought it and have not finished or hardly started it yet as im finishing my A+ book and a security book, but i just kinda read a few pages and looked through the contents and it looks like it will be an amazing book with lots of information!
  5. I said in wordpress post i thought it had something to do with the loopback! Awesome thank you guys so much! really helpful and good to know, i had edited it once before when searching the problem but i wasnt adding the correct line to the file which is why it never worked a couple months back! i really appreciate all the help on here!
  6. Actually, that seemed to resolve it completely! i just went to my site with www.kkuhns.com after editing the file and it came up, as well as went to www.kkuhns.com/forum and it worked flawlessly! one more question i guess then, how do i fix this on a windows machine as i have a W7 desktop for gaming and internet browsing as well as my laptop. my family's computers all run windows as well. is there maybe a way to set this standard for all clients on my network through my modem/router?
  7. I havent changed anything yet. sometimes it will only load html sometimes it times out. either way though i never get the actual site to load. it did this same thing with my blog i tried. also can you elaborate on dropping my FQDN into my host's file? i have added server name and server alias to my sites available file under /etc/apache2/sites-available if thats what you are referring to.
  8. Yeah sorry if that was a bit hard to follow ill try to explain it better. On my personal home network im running a server and a website. i have a static IP from my ISP.and im using a FQDN from domain.com to point kkuhns.com to my web server. anyone outside my network can reach my server by going to kkuhns.com but from inside my network, i cannot reach my server by going to kkuhns.com as it times out. i can reach my website on my server by pointing to its internal IP address of and i can navigate to any of the other directories, download links or pages by using rather than kkuhns.com however, anytime i add either a blog or a forum to my website, im able to run the install script from my laptop which is also on the network. i would navigate to and i was able to set the forum up. after running the install script, i seem to be blocked from accessing it with the IP address. note im not blocked from my site, just the forum or blog or something i set up is the only thing that times out. and it does that on all the computers on my network. i know it can be connected to from outside my network as i was able to go to it via my smartphone. so to sum it up kkuhns.com has always timed out within my network but navigating to the servers IP of brings the site up, however if i have a blog or a forum, i cannot access those from either kkuhns.com/forum or as they time out. one thing i can think of is that in the beginning when running the set up scripts for both the blog and the forum is they ask for my forums web address and i enter www.kkuhns.com/forum maybe thats a setting that could be causing it? EDIT: i had retried connecting to it while making this post and it brought up only an html text version with nothing aligned.
  9. Okay, i have what seems to be an awkward problem that doesnt seem to show up much in google. people with something similar but not quite the same.... i have a static IP from my ISP and a website i built, basic one, never put time into adding much styling as i started working on other things... site is wwww.kkuhns.com the server is at my house on a second desktop i have. so its located internally on my network. i tried to put a blog on my site using wordpress and textpattern. both of which were a success. except one problem. from withing my network, i can navigate to my site by entering my servers static IP of but not the FQDN. i can NOT however access my blog which use to be located at www.kkuhns.com/blog from inside my network by using either the FQDN or the servers ip. if i go to, it works. if i go to it would time out. i have since scrapped the blog because of this and again kinda stopped working on it and pushed it aside due to this problem of not being able to access it. i cant blog or work on it from the backend if i cant access it from my computer. just tonight, i decided to try setting up a forum for fun. kinda bored and wanted to try myBB for a while so i figured id give it a go. copied the files over, breezed through the install, and once i tried to access it, same problem. the forum currently resides at www.kkuhns.com/forum and i can access it from outside my network but not from within by using either FQDN or server IP. although the site itself works fine. it just seems to be these extras of a blog or forum that are giving me problems. this time, its bugging me and i really want it fixed. anybody have any ideas into this? any reason i would timeout while trying to access these from my internal network? here was the thread i started on wordpress.org and didnt get much help with: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/site-loading-time-and-site-address?replies=10 it has more detail on the blog one. like i said though, blog service is no more, although, if i can get this issue fixed, i may be putting a lot more time into my site! server is ubuntu 10.10 server edition at FQDN www.kkuhns.com my modem is a qwest pk5000 incase its a setting problem. and my connection problem comes from any computer in my internal network. Thanks guys, i appreciate any advice or help on this!
  10. I haven never even looked at server edition of windows but i can tell you it would be pointless for you to install it on there, and no, i dont think all your normal app's would work on it. also, if as a student you can get the OS for so cheap, why not just by win 7 64 bit?
  11. See thats my problem to. is that i can know what i want done, and i can learn languages pretty well, i just dont know where to go to get a list of all the commands, or where to see the description of the kinds of commands. i did some programming for my robotics team and i got some pneumatics solenoids working but it wasnt until i understood what i could type in that i was able to make a function.....
  12. Well, That worked. I know iceweasel is supposed to be exactly like firefox, but i wasnt sure if the plugins folder it uses was different possible. i think firefox comes with it already. moving the .so file in even on firefox has only worked half the time for me anyway. im glad that its done now. thank you! I really appreciate all the help i get on these forums. you guys are awesome!
  13. Forgot to mention my system is 64 bit. I read that using one of those ubuntu .deb or .apt can cause instability when used on debian which i thought was weird. it was said you also wouldnt get updates or something? also, the .tar.gz gives you the .so file and iceweasel doesnt have a /plugin folder. the closest thing it has is a /searchplugins folder.
  14. there is a way to enable root in ubuntu. just search it cause i dont remember it off hand. also, sudo isnt that long, plus if you forget to put it just type sudo !! and it will use sudo on the last command.
  15. Well, i have been searching for about an hour now and havent come up with the correct answer. i cant get flashplayer to work with iceweasel. i just installed the newest version of debian and was liking it. from what i can tell from my searching they take the repositories for flashplayer out because its closed source so its not "secure". i have tried adding some multimedia repository, using apt-get flashplugin-nonfree, flashplugin-mozzilla i have tried a couple other flash players and none seem to work. under /usr/lib/iceweasel there is no plugins folder. so i cant drag the .so file into it. i would like to learn how to do this, as i like debian, but its these little things that make me mad when using a system.
  16. well, that depends on how the replies go, i may have more questions for you as we go along or based on something you say :D And thanks, ill send you a PM right now.
  17. Hey guys, I have to do a school research paper for a career and i chose system admin. i need to do a interview of some sort so i figured i would get someone from here that im more connected with and that i know is good at what they do. its a simple interview ill ask a couple basic questions so i can have them for use on my paper and ill need to use you as a source. if you are interested in answering a couple questions for it that would be great, just post in a reply that you are interested and ill post the questions. i need your name to so i can list you as a reference so if you would prefer to do that over PM that would be fine. the more the better. Thank you guys a ton! Kolton Kuhns
  18. Microsoft Windows MAC's dumb people at school that stop in the middle of the hallway stupid drivers low internet connections that sometimes you can get the connection...... and sometimes you dont. my head gasket blowing on my car the day i get my license (sucked badly) low batteries in my mouse/controller. people acting unintelligent. people unwilling to read. people sleeping in my bed. any kind of a computer problem right after making a long post and not hitting submit fas enough. yeah. just to name a few.
  19. it is for me. and i talked to him. it seams some people are having this problem and some arent. hes going to try to get it fixed.
  20. well let me know how it goes when you try to install it.
  21. My friend was able to install it on a VM to. but not strait to the computer. VM works fine but not to the system it seems. unless, someone has tried it to a system and got it to work?
  22. do you have ubuntu running already when you install blackbuntu? me and my friend can not install it. it crash's for both of us. we have 64 bit systems. maybe thats it? what are you guys running. although, you can run 32 bit OS's on a 64 bit system. i have no idea why it wont work for either of us. mine is a HP laptop his is a custom built desktop.
  23. i tried installing it as well with no success. wonder what it is...
  24. i downloaded it and tried it out. i like it. i sent you guys a email at info@blackbuntu.com nice OS so far. me and my friend are going to be installing it. i found i tried to donwload it several times and the .iso file was only 2.4 GB's and the md5sum is different but i would assume its due to a different size .iso file. as you guys have it listed as 2.6 GB's. EDIT: i havent tried to install it yet but my friend has. the installer keeps crashing. bug perhaps?
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