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The Evil Server should come with Ali.

lol yea i said that and everyone said it should be like barbie and ken come seperatly so you have to buy both, but then i said they'd probably run off together cause they didnt come togehter..

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heh, so on irc we were joking around about having Hak.5 action figures. what do you think each one should come with?



Evil server




Hak.5 fan

Hak.5 UBER fan

Evil Server -- glowing red power button when pressed says "I pwn all ur (fill-in-the-blank)"

Harrison -- Laptop with an arp table on the screen

Hak.5 fan -- hak.5 t-shirt and a random quote from the show.

Hak.5 UBER fan -- same as above, desk with 3 monitors on it, 1 has hak5 forums, 1 has hak5 website, 1 has hak5 IRC and a mini DDR pad partially put together.

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when you pull the string on harrisons back, does it say "I'll send my code to his code and make some shit happen"


and you can look through harisons eyes n they will be like beer goggles :D

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Darren: Ninja turtle Shirt, Motorcycle, Mini DV Cam, and 3 monitor playset.

Wess: Soldering Iron, Hak5 modded computer, Shoulder punching action, and DDR Pad Playset.

Evil server: Opens up to show the new hak5 set. (ala the turtle lair back in the day), also comes with extra figures of Mike Lazz and Jenn Cutter including the Canon camera and hockey stick mic.

Ali: Mini Evil Server, Game Cube with DVD mod, Glass of wine, Couch Playset

Harrison: Box Of Hakor flakes coupon, Laptop, Beer Bottle, Interchangable heads to show stages of drunkeness.

Hak.5 fan: Hak5 T-Shirt, DVD of All Episodes, Laptop showing Hak5 IRC, Computer desk playset

Hak.5 UBER fan: Hak5 T-shirt authographed by all the crew, Direct copy of the evil server used to play all episodes and extras only, CD with rare Darren's Drunken rant against Linux included, Ball of hair from Darren and Wess' hair brushes taken late at night.

Series 1 figures are available now from the Microshaft website. Make sure to use the promo code "n00bling" to get the special clear Jon figure and alternitive "Crazy Legs" Wess from WOW.

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