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trance music!


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i remember that there are a lot of trance fans here. while i love trance i have only heard a few songs and they get old.

im starting up a new project(details are secret for now) and i always find it so much easier to work if i block out the world with music and trance music is perfect because it has no lyrics(well at least the stuff i listen to doesnt)

so what trance songs do you guys suggest i listen to? youtube links appreciated since im building the playlist there(sick of dealing with thousands of files on my computer) but they arent required. anything without lyrics is pretty much what im looking for. lyrics are fine when im working on a story or something but when im reading/writing code its distracting to sing along lol.

heres the playlist as it stands right now. just to give you an idea of what im already listening to. http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=E3BFBC6877A6C5D7

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while not trance per say, i can recommend some electronic music;

Glitch Mob


Infected Mushroom

Midnight Juggernauts

Black Moth Super Rainbow


White Moth

Sound Tribe From Sector 9 (STS9)

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I absolutely love Happy Hardcore BUT I think that genre is the hardest of the electronic music to find good tracks of. I've gotten several best of cd's with 100's tracks, maybe only get 2-3 songs that i can truly enjoy.

A good recommendation is poke around the Newgrounds audio portal. There is a metric crap ton of horrible music, but hidden beneath it all is a collection of diamonds that have made it to my main electronic/trance play lists.

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got a couple of hours? you can download my entire dump of trance (its a fuckload!)..

yah.. i used to be a raver..(candy kid @ that)

BTW! here's one. I suggest EVERYONE listen to this song, because this has been heard by tons of people but they never could find out who it was. It was on a mix cd i had some time ago, and lost the cd. This is my single most favorite trance song ever, and I never even got to roll to it (lol)

Silicon Works - Daylight

Fuck I-doser, you wanna go on a braintrip, turn it up lay back, relax and just listen, and this isnt even the origional, this is by dj acid. The origional is better, and this is a cut from the origional so.. you know.

BTW! if anybody has the complete original to this song, i will sell my fuckn' soul! (or even my amd!) to get this full song...

btbtw: whig the f-out on this one: Dieselboy - UnderFire

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i don't know if this stuff counts as trance or psy-trance or whatever the fuck, but all i know is that these groups are Fawesome!

Infected Mushroom

Juno Reactor


ok, cool.


oh yeah just in case you for some reason look up Infected Mushroom and hear the semi-rockish type stuff, i have to post some of their songs for you, the rock stuff is kinda lame imo but that's like 3 songs out of several albums. the first song that comes up on a youtube search for them is a kinda lame rock song. so here are some good ones.

Infected Mushroom - Heavy Weight

oh yeah 2 more groups/artists (whatever i just listen to it)

Astral Projection


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PUSH!!!! Strange World etc...

I was always into my classic jungle, then progressed to hard trance/house. Frantic were awesome nights in Camden London... MOM too... hunt for the frantic albums.

LAB4 & K90 also (pretty hard though)

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Infected Mushroom

isn't that techno?

its genre'less like all good music

(i saw infected mushroom live, not too long ago, if you have the chance to see this group DO IT!!!)

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