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  1. i figured i'd post my windows desktop too while i'm on here (my homework requires MS Office Excel, the grading software checks) :(
  2. that's awesome, i had no idea that existed. i wonder what would happen if someone took wtfpl to mean that they could copyright it themselves. honestly if someone wanted to copyright any "art" i did, i wouldn't care.
  3. that would be cool, consider it licensed as "Totally F'in Free Dawg", or as i like to call it the TFFD license. no problem, i'm just learning the ropes with GIMP.
  4. i don't know if this stuff counts as trance or psy-trance or whatever the fuck, but all i know is that these groups are Fawesome! Infected Mushroom Juno Reactor Shpongle ok, cool. EDIT* oh yeah just in case you for some reason look up Infected Mushroom and hear the semi-rockish type stuff, i have to post some of their songs for you, the rock stuff is kinda lame imo but that's like 3 songs out of several albums. the first song that comes up on a youtube search for them is a kinda lame rock song. so here are some good ones. Infected Mushroom - Heavy Weight oh yeah 2 more groups/artists (whatever i just listen to it) Astral Projection Hallucinogen
  5. The theme i'm using is installed on there by default, but it's not the active one by default. you just have to select it from the themes menu. it's called Dust. The NewWave theme on there is good too. more screenshots, information, and downloads (including matching firefox themes) of the Dust theme are available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/DustTheme i changed the colors a tiny bit on mine, it's more desaturated by default but i added a touch more color to it. i got the wallpaper from here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/In...enibex-edit.png
  6. My name is Amir a.k.a amirman (get it? a mere man? hilarious) Favourite game: rpg's and platformers Favourite Classic Console Multiplayer Game: Bomberman Favourite Classic PC Multiplayer Game: Scorched Earth Favourite RPG Class: Thief Favourite Science Fiction TV show: TNG beeyatch! Favourite OS: Ubuntu, antiX Favourite alpha stage OS: Chakra (Arch + KDEmod + automatic hardware detection) Favourite console: PC games 4 LYFE, maybe ZSNES Nationality: I was born in Iran, grew up in Canada, currently a U.S. Citizen Accent: Alberta/Kentucky Sex: Male Age: 24 Race: Persian baby! Height: 6' 2" Status: Married (2 kids) Build: i'm a fatty! Favourite band: Yes, Critters Buggin', Tortoise Favourite book: The Enormous Room by e.e.cummings Favourite author: i don't have one, but i thought i'd answer an unrelated unasked question here; I prefer non-fiction Favourite movie: Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times Favourite director: Werner Herzog or Charlie Chaplin Favourite TV Show: Curb Your Enthusiasm or The Wire Other hobbies: playing music, taking stuff apart Car: 2002 kia rio Occupation: I work in a chain restaurant, trying to finish school Studying: Sociology/History (thinking about adding a CIS degree) Favourite Unix commands: grep and cat Favourite WMs: Fluxbox and Gnome Favourite grammatical misconduct: capitalization Credit Card Number: 4097-2342-0900-0234 Expiration Date: 09/19
  7. it's their first album since Fat of the Land that includes all of them together. it just came out a few months ago, maybe less.
  8. thanks the second one is the same, it's just that the black background hides the "H" - Also Invaders Must Die is one killer album.
  9. i know there's a special place to put stuff like this on the wiki, but i don't know if this is worthy. this is the first icon i've ever made from scratch. i used the fonts linked to on the goodies page on the wiki. i ran it through gimp did some embossing, dropshaddowing, and a lens distortion. i made it so i could use it personally as a launcher to open a terminal and run the telnet command for the new BBS. L.O.R.D is pretty fun. i wanted to put a simplistic terminal icon in the background but it looked to muddled up. feel free to use this or change it or whatever. you know how it goes. http://file2.ws/hak5icon2
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