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  1. Anyone in FL looking to drive to Phreaknic this year? Looking at going and considering my travel options.
  2. If you run kismet with mysql in the background, you can run gpsdrive at the same time and as Kismet drops APs into the db, gpsdrive will mark them on your map in real time. Throw in Festival and you can have it read off SSIDs as it finds them.
  3. I've had the itch for building an XBox based Beowulf cluster since the original XBox came out. I bought one off of eBay last month and have finally gotten it cracked. Going through the xbox-linux.org distros now to see which one I want to work with. For $200 you could have 4 XBoxes running. I also want to look into the current interest of using GPUs as standard processors. Without having the XBoxes connected to video, it's additional cycles sitting idle. As soon as I get the one set up and configured, I'll order the second one and get it clustering.
  4. A couple security podcasts worth listening to would be Security Justice and Exotic Liability.
  5. What application(s) are you clustering in Enterprise currently?
  6. Don't let me turn you off to anything. I hate VB because it was Microsoft's lame and late attempt of getting in on the web's server side. Biggest flaw, no dynamic includes. And then sticking it into .net was like putting a Model T's engine in a new Vette. I do C# cause it pays. But then, I do a lot of things for money I wouldn't do on my own. From the grand scheme of code management and deployment, C# is not a bad way to do things. It's major flaw is the lack of data persistence. Having to re-instantiate every object needed for every request creates unnecessary overhead on the web and db machines and load on your network. It's biggest strength is being able to maintain a business rules layer of compiled objects which your devs can access in their web layer development. This provides code lock down and protection for complex environments. There are a lot of C# jobs out there. Not a bad way to make a living. If you learn C# and Java, PHP's not that far off for you. And if you're looking to make a living at web or internet app development, the broader your skills, the better off you will be. Might be worth looking into Ruby and ColdFusion as well. You could learn CF in a weekend, it's cake to work with. Look through Monster or Dice and you will see lots of dev jobs where knowledge of multiple platforms is required.
  7. I hate VB. Never really spent time with it. But doing a little looking I can see that there is no function to evaluate a string like that. I did find this though, unless you really are into doing it yourself. http://www.vb-helper.com/howto_evaluate_expressions.html
  8. If you want the textbox update to happen in the browser real time without a forms submission, you're gonna need to do it with javascript. Are you planning on a post submission? Writing that in JS is fairly straightforward. And using eval() on the final string will let you execute the expression as a JS command. If you're planning on vb executing it, see if it supports an eval() style string evaluator.
  9. A little more ambient, but Autechre is cool. Also, some of the stuff by Aphex Twin (aka AFX, Polygon Window).
  10. You can team/bond any number of NICs within ESXi as long as you have the drivers for them. And they will be presented to the VMs as one. And the iSCSI support is pretty extensive.
  11. If you have the time, I might suggest listening to the February episodes of the Linux Link Tech Show podcast. They did a month of MythTV. A ton of useful information.
  12. What area of FL are you limited to? And is this hacker only? Or do you have an interest in gaming, anime, sci-fi, comic, etc?
  13. Bletchley Park: http://www.bletchleypark.org.uk/ I would also recommend that if you plan on any train trips, buy the tickets before you go. You will get a better rate. London Pass: http://www.londonpass.com/ If you plan to visit enough of the places on the pass to make it worth buying, add the travel card. It's an unlimited Underground card. The travel card is only available outside the UK. You can't buy it in London.
  14. Use a pair of embedded for loops. This will give you a chance to test every possible pairing of the two lists.
  15. You can change it from within your GoDaddy logon. The account management page has a link for changing the password on your box.
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