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  1. yes that is why as well I am looking to get the 2000mW antenna 10 dBi hi gain.
  2. Yes there are around 3 brick wall in between, it is not possible for me to relocate the modem as I don't have any closer phone socket.
  3. @Infiltrator: I am using Netgear DG834G while I am now using: Edimax EW-7318USg – Wireless 801.11b / g Turbo Mode USB 2.0 Hi-Gain Adapter / detachable antenna that is why i cannot use it to get full reception. my intention is to be able to use my own wireless signal which is very weak that is why I am getting 2000mW antenna. Is the device that I'm going to buy the right one to increase my WLAN signal / reception ? I'm not looking into broadcasting my signal of course. hopefully with 2000mW it shouldn't affect any health hazard.
  4. Hi All, I am having wireless network connectivity problem here at home, since I cannot move the wireless AP into anywhere closer to my room, the WLAN network (802.11g with WPA-PSK) that I connect everyday always unstable with the symptoms: 1. the maximum signal strength that I can get is 40-45% (ranging from 2 to 3 bars out of 5 in Windows 7). 2. I can connect to the WLAN before 7 PM in the eveningbut then when I turn on my PC with 5dB USB WLAN or my iPhone after midnight I cannot connect to the network eventhough the SSID is listed there, I always get password prompt. and now I am thinking of getting 2000mW antenna with the specifications as follows: NEW USB WIFI ADAPTER KASENS G5000 (2011 IMPROVED MODEL). 2000mW + HF + 10dBi OMNI ANTENNA HIGH SENSITIVITY. FEATURES: Maximum power output: 33 dBm (2000mW). Antenna: HF + 10dBi omnidirectional Integrated Controls: Realtek 8187L. Transfer Speed: 54Mbps. (MAXIMUM SPEED NETWORK WIFI) FREQUENCY: 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11 b / g INTERFACE: USB 2.0 (compatible with 1.0) MODULATION: BPSK, QPSK, CCK and OFDM. WiFi Standard: IEEE 802.11 B / G (compatible with the new networks and older). FULL SYSTEM Plug and Play. COMPATIBLE OPERATING SYSTEMS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Mac OS X / Linux ANTENNA CONNECTOR: RP-SMA (detachable antenna) COMPATIBLE WITH ENCRYPTION: WEP (64/128/256 bit) - WPA - WPA2 - TKIP.OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -20 º C - +70 º C would that solve my problem to get stronger and stable wireless signal ? Thanks.
  5. many thanks for your suggestion mate. I'll have a look at it now.
  6. ah yes, many thanks for the input, I am now inclined towards this: USB WIFI ADAPTER KASENS 2000mW ANTENNA 10dBi RT8187L 2000 mW adapter but I wonder if I use the 2000 mW adapter can I get stronger signal ? at the moment I only get 2 bar out of 5 in Win 7
  7. the purpose is to give write a comparison of WLAN security encryption strength and to be able to detect the brute force intrusion done from the Headless Linux PC
  8. Yes I do need GUI access, so what are my option if VNC is slow ? I'm not familiar with forwarding X desktop thru SSH
  9. h4x0r

    Backtrack 5

    yes, I wonder when will it be released to the public ?
  10. Hi All, I want to learn / study Linux by using my spare HP Desktop dc7700 PC without monitor (headless) so I wonder if the following scenario is working with Ubuntu / KUbuntu Linux: The ultimate goal is to be able to connect to the Linux server using VNC from the Windows Server and then scan the wireless LAN for weak password with aircrack or any other tools from (http://sectools.org/wireless.html) because I know that windows cannot be used for such thing anymore. I have setup BT 4u1 before but then I give up since I cannot make the USB WLAN working or get the IP address :-| but so far I have tried using Ubuntu for daily testing but not serious hacking and security matter. Thanks
  11. Hi All, I'm in the process of building a Linux server using spare desktop (HP dc 7700p PC with USB wireless adapter) and of course it will be used as the wireless security training exercise so I just wondering if Ubuntu or RHEL is suitable for me to learn ? BackTrack Linux is too hard to use and doesn't automatically detect the USB wireless network card usually. but I wonder if the tool aircrack can be installed on the RHEL or Ubuntu easily ? previously I have Backtrack 4 but the wireless LAN install is so hard :-|
  12. ah yes, thanks man for the clarification and suggestion, I'll go down with the CSS/xHTML path then.
  13. Hi All, I'd like to know if it is possible to achieve this scenario for my web design, I've got company ITIL diagram that I'd like to make it show the hyperlink to a file download for each respective box (mouse hover / over effect) should I create a HTML table for this or create image mappings from the VISIO diagram .vsd file ? basically what I want is when the mouse is hovering the box, it displays the DIV list of links on top of the diagram only Does anyone know how to achieve this ? Thanks
  14. Hi Everyone, As a sysadmin in the company, what sort of things do you usually do when you got nothing to do in the office (or at least not that busy day) ? Because if you just sitting down doing nothing and browsing the internet wouldn't be a good report to your supervisor or boss These are some of the following task that i usually do: 1. Test Backup and Recovery strategy 2. Check antivirus status and windows update 3. Windows Server and VM maintenance 4. Hardware and Software Inventory tracking 5. researching for better software / hardware to invest and implement in the company.
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