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  1. You need a flash cartridge for your DS, it will play homebrew games as well as nds backup games.(flash cartridges are like official ds games, except the ds cartridge has a slot for a micro sd card which you copy the homebrew and backups to) They start at $7 if you look at the right places. It will not effect your DS in any other way. You can google "aircrack nds" or something like that to find the .nds file that you put on the flash cartridge. I don't think it will work with the DSi and I'm not sure if it was intended for DS Phat or DS Lite, or if they have diff wireless hardware so someone else will have to fill you in on that.
  2. So right now this is my setup: - FreeNAS machine - 2 x 1TB hard drive. (1 for storage, other for backup). - 256mb flash drive for freenas image - AMD Sempron LE-1250 - 1GB DDR2 800 - CPU usage averages like 15%, Ram roughly 18% - idles at 50 watt power usage - Mythbuntu HTPC (frontend and backend in 1) - Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 - 3GB DDR2 800 - 160GB HD - Nvidia 8600 GT Originally I wanted a mythtv backend on the freenas machine, but then I go to thinking, why have on 2 machines at the same time just to watch tv. But then I also reallly liked the idea of having a machine dedicated to file storage, so thats how my setup came to be. A main concern of mine is power usage, I am trying to keep the bill as low as possible. I am reapproaching the idea of having a separate mythtv backend, because I do want to schedule recording for when I'm away and would rather have my more light weight machine running than the other one. I have since installing freenas, fallen in love with it to an extent, it has been EXACTLY what I wanted out of a file storage machine, so I don't want to completely abandon it. (I mostly like the web gui and how I can physically control and software wise control the entire machine) I am considering installing mythbuntu backend on the freenas machine and running freenas in a VM through virtualbox. My questions are as follows: 1) All my machines are on wired gigabit, will a separate backend frontend experience any stutter for HD video streaming? 2) With freenas in a virtualbox VM, how would hard drive access, file sharing work? 3) relating to #2, will file transfers slow down even a little bit? 4) I have also considered having a more heavy duty firewall going, but again, don't want yet another machine eating power, how would incorporating this into the mix go? If you think I am going about this all wrong, please tell me what you suggest. I am completely willing to scrap everything and start fresh (minus buying new hardware) except for maybe an extra NIC card if need or small things
  3. Most of my online purchases comes from: Newegg.com ( tech stuff ) dealextreme.com ( odd stuff, and parts for small projects) focalprice.com ( a lot like dx) I am looking for suggestions for other sites to check out. Bonus points for no tax + cheap/free shipping. I have not really found any cheap online clothing retailers, any pointers on that would be appreciated as well.
  4. I don't want to waste batteries powering the Fon to go. Ideally I would like to have some rechargable batteries powering the Fon, and being recharged by the solar panel, but I think that will get a little too complicated. Right now I just have a Fon, an 8 x AA battery holder, a connection that goes from holder to Fon, powers up fine. I was looking at these panels ( Here ) but I don't know too much about power ratings etc and what all I would need. If anyone has any tips, or would like to give me a brief lesson :) it would be much appreciated. Thanks This didn't really fit in the Jasager board, but if it belongs there can a mod please move it
  5. Thanks for the offer, but I was driving a few days ago and saw a local computer place I hadn't noticed before and the guy gave me some free :D
  6. local radioshack doesn't carry them and the online site doesn't have the right size
  7. I need some motherboards standoffs as shown below. The ones I have are worthless and stripped out. If you can link me to some or if you have some you would be willing to sell me cheap I'd really appreciate it. Standoff Size
  8. I'm looking to put together an all in one cleaning kit for my electronics to get on some spring cleaning. What do you guys use from everything to cleaning LCDs to getting in between keys on the keyboard to those tiny ports in cell phones? These might work well for some things, but I figured I could see what the local $ store has, those make up brushes seem pretty small
  9. I need some suggestions on mounting a laptop motherboard into a DVD player case. I have the DVD player components out and the laptop motherboard, but I don't really see any practical way to mount it in the case. I can't find any motherboard standoffs tall enough to mount it properly. (The inside of the DVD player case is kind of an odd layout. ). Before anyone asks, the DVD player wasn't really reading disks any more, and the LCD on the laptop is no good, so I figured I would combine them to make a standard definition mythtv frontend hidden inside the DVD player case and have it feed to the TV through the S-Video out on the laptop motherboard. Any suggestions for supplies,tools etc would be appreciated. I know I will have to make some small holes etc in the side of the case to line up the ports on the motherboard and all that.
  10. I want to build a NAS and mythtv backend only machine. I have a case that will hold plenty of hard drives and all that. As far as motherboard and processor and networking is concerned, I'm looking to go relatively cheap on this but have a good enough performance to have fast transfer speeds and stream HD quality vids from the mythbackend. So manly my questions are: What type of processor would handle this? What should I look for in a motherboard? What should I look for in a networking card? I assume I should go wired with all of this As of now I have a Hauppauge 1800hvr for the tuner card, and am looking at 2 x 1TB hard drives. (I figured it would be best to go with a raid setup, because I plan to have almost everything of value on the hard drive and would hate for it to fail and lose it all, do you think thats best?) Also, if at all possible, I might eventually this is a hardware firewall for all my home network, but thats for down the road.
  11. no i didnt think abotu that. I did do a reflash using ap51, but I'll give that a try when I get a chance. Me and my fon won't be reunited until friday.
  12. I mean that it worked on the fon, I was able to fool around with redboot and all that. do you mean I should wait to connect all the cables until it has booted or just the ground? I have a "MAX232 RS232 Serial to TTL Converter Board" and a "USB 2.0 TO 9PIN RS232 COM PORT SERIAL CONVERT ADAPTER". On the MAX232 adapter, I have some JST cables soldered to the end and have different "adapters" I made, 1 for the 360, 1 for the Fon. I'll post some pics if you don't quite understand what I'm saying
  13. I did it before, and it worked fine. I used an adapter I bought to flash xbox 360 lite on drives. now nothing shows up in hyper terminal or in various programs in linux. I tested my adapter by hooking the tx and rx together and everything i typed came back to me like it should. Is there a way to test the serial port of the phone over ssh, similar to how I tested my adapter? Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.
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