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  1. If it is the var "hak" issue------ in that case of scenario you could frame the situation. (IE the people who owns the site can frame the situation)
  2. Speaking about iphone; I have one but don’t do anything with it just like my psp However on my psp id put osx one from the early days, But I was thinking did some of you have some more XP regarding an OS on the iphone maybe with some hardware tweaks or some?
  3. But m8 how will they be able to block it from people like you "Wholly"?///:)
  4. You know how much water pomps we allready donated And every time they come ad my door step I give them 20,- Euros, But that's probably cus I am from Holland its a sicknes or something i think
  5. eey cool I am gooing to to check some out, maybe I can learn some cool extra stuff, you never know Thx for the advice
  6. yeah they are cool A friend off mine is uber fan of them But he is addicted to Paddo's eighter :) He introduced me to this group
  7. this one is for a quik and dirty way ISBN: 0321396855 | 752 pages | May 21, 2007 | PDF | 2.26 MB Step-by-step instructions for using PHP, a popular Web scripting language. Coverage progresses from first principles to a working knowledge of the PHP programming language, with chapters covering basic features of the language, functions and techniques, and library code. Chapter quizes and exercises are included. An understanding of the Web and of HTML is assumed, and some of the examples are written to work with SQL databases. Although no prior knowledge of programming is required, some experience with a language such as C or Perl is helpful. have it to for u know reference. but the one recomend since u have some time left The Newbies Guide To PHP Programming: Save Time And Money By Learning How To Master The Power of PHP Programming (Paperback) you have got to buy tough. But ofcourse you can search google for more but i just let you know wich one i bought.
  8. eey fun thx m8 gj Next time we do a desktop scrnshot every body has an hak5 icon on ther desktop :)
  9. This is mine++++++ only my patty cash is to low. but was to late.
  10. Well VB is a very good way to start out and gaining xp. This way you can learn for example the architecture of programming without to know all the fancy stuff wich is making you able to let your head explode. :) GL VB can give you much opportunities.(these days)
  11. Tank you and have a good night :)
  12. hhm well i don’t get it anymore. Are they trying to imitate Linux now or OSX ????¿¿¿¿¿¿¿ still testing!!! Till now they basically did deleted all the bullshit nobody was waiting for in vista. Thereby the speed increased tremendously. Also booting is now 10 time faster that vista. Still I recommend bootvis to be sure. So what we got here is a Windows XP pro service pack3 with some small amount of vista features for the Xbox live users. Going testing cya latterss. PS For thos who like to see first befor there download is ready or something like that. Here a fun website with some videos/Demos. Win7 Demo's
  13. Infected Mushroom isn't that techno?
  14. for the people on my company we stay using on main. so XP pro. i dont count servers etc. only administrator gear etc. But we are still testing beta so we will know more later on.
  15. I am quiet interested in the rest of case that will follow. I mean I don’t think they will give up that easily.
  16. C++ C# I am actually looking to learn some Perl to. I do use python for some Battlefield modifications for the rest using some usually things like PHP, HTML, ASP etc. And of course I am a windows owner to so you pretty much fuckt If you don’t know some .net.
  17. And that was exactly what Lunix’s idea was get software for free and make some money out of the support they could provide you with. That kind of the concept of open source.
  18. IFPI Site Hacked to Protest Pirate Bay Trial By David Kravets February 19, 2009 | 5:21:23 PMCategories: Yo Ho Ho The Swedish website for the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry was defaced Thursday by hackers protesting the group's involvement in the ongoing Pirate Bay trial in Stockholm. The message on the homepage of the recording industry association's website urged Pirate Bay prosecutor Hakan Roswall of Stockholm to "stop lying." The hackers, called "The New Generation," said the intrusion was a "declaration of war against the anti-piracy industry." The site returned to normalcy early Thursday. "It is deplorable that these saboteurs will go to such extremes as to infringe on our and others' freedom of speech on the internet," said Lars Gustafsson, a director of the IFPI in Sweden, which is trying to shutter Pirate Bay, the notorious BitTorrent tracker with more than 22 million users. Peter Sunde, who is one of the four on trial, condemned the attack. "Whomever is hacking the IFPI websites, please stop doing that," he wrote on Twitter. "It only makes us look bad!" It's not the first time the IFPI has been swashbuckled. In 2007, the Pirate Bay briefly acquired control of the IFPI's international website site via a cybersquatter. Threat Level has correspondent Oscar Swartz inside the courtroom of the trial providing gavel-to-gavel coverage. Keep checking for updates.
  19. Well Your question is quiet clear and understandable. I mean if you want to learn than learn it the hardcore way, totally agree. But u can imagine that there might be other and thereby maybe better ways to develop a better learning path. And maybe this is not really 100% what we are searching for as info gathering machines. But I personally think it’s a step in the right direction. For novice people who want to start kind of going on to another OS this might be a fine solution. Tough I think that going for UBUNTO would result in a better knowledge’s and understanding of the OS
  20. dude Its funny in a kind of way i mean she indeed need a life :) hahah but you starte a good topic h3
  21. i think that is waht is going on the table right now indeed. The only prob is that it doest matter how you do encrypt or decrypt, they will know it anywayz + more and more people are going to use the Torrent to fill there Hardisks with movies who is patched to the TV so its gonna be a BIG BIG job for the feds to nutralise this. Its like they are seeing it happening in front of them but they cant do anything U kill one and 10 will cover and follow.
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