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Simple Firefox Hack


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Want to steal passwords on firefox? Don't have a lot of time or expedience? Simply goto Preferences>Security>Saved Passwords>Show Passwords.


You might get lucky and find something like a cpannel login. :unsure:

or you might get asked for the master password.

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If you have a master passwords set && password exporter installed does it still ask for the master pass? I do not save passwords and do not want to install the addon but might be something to check out. Read his code and find out how he is doing it, if there are PT and implement something.

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shit man that is l33t hax. can you give me a walk through or post a tutorial on how this exploit works.

I laughed pretty damn hard at that! So hard in fact I got that weird look from people thinking wtf is so funny ya twit.


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Nope.....you've lost me.....someone care to explain to me how this works?

Is this some sort of brute force attack, or does the '>>Show Passwords' function inject some shell code or something?

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I've been looking for a hack like this. <yeah okay><sarcasm> Did you also know that if you add web developer on Firefox that you can see passwords or even reverse text functions on web pages (reverse from get to posts). I would have to say that the majority of people on here are really not interested in simple stuff like that but keep sharing because the other 5 - 10% will learn something.

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