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Why eBay's gone nuts..


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eBay used to be a place where genuine sellers could trade second hand goods and get some real good deals. It's been infested with cheap foreign goods and is now a bane to the internet - please do add comments!

These cheap importers are so concerned with their reputation that they now THREATEN to take you to COURT over it.


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ebay is ok but they need to better control how items are sold.

they need to make a requirement form where users have to list specific info

90% of the good deals on ebay are scams that lead people on and hidden in the description is something like, order now and I will send you a email containing a wholesale list where you can buy this item

while it cant fool me, it is annoying because it makes trying to find real items nearly impossible

it is just product spam

ebay needs to make a form where the user lists what they get when they order the item

the condition of the item (as currently users can leave it blank )

the shipping should be done automatically be ebay where the user is only able to either select free shipping, or select the shipping service of their choice from the drop down list that way users cant price gouge with shipping

they also need to fix the commenting system and allow users to remove comments and ratings

it is annoying when you order an item, the shipping is slow but you give the seller the benefit of the doubt and give them a positive review then they don't give you any feedback in return, we should be allowed to remove our feedback also (they don't leave any feedback for us then we should have the right to remove out feedback for them )

ebay needs to also make return policies mandatory (it doesn't mean they have to accept returns, they just need to post their policy instead of leaving the field blank

ebay also needs make a extra form thats an agreement that basically tells the seller that they confirm that the description is accurate and that if the buyer receives the wrong item or an item that doesn't match the description that the item will have to be returned at the sellers expense and the buyer have their purchase price and shipping refunded

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ive always used ebay. its the only way i can get my hands on some classic console games lol

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I like e-bay but its true that there is a lot of scamers on there, like one i saw a while back to where it looks like your going to get a item and if you read real close it acsurly says your going to just get a picture of the item, which is priced at the price of that item would be in the pic.

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I personally like eBay, except for the stupid bots that go around and bid on stuff that just jacks up the prices.

bots? no way.. There are instances when people team up and like say your my friend and you have an ebay account too. And I told you to bid on my item to make it go higher... Those happenings do get figured out by ebay though, when a person is always bidding on a certain persons items...

But bots? I mean who would use their account in some bot program? to randomly bid on items?? I surely wouldn't! what would bidding on random items do for me? nothing just leave me with a bunch of junk I wouldn't want if the auctions won!

When you bid on an item you are binded to paying for it if you are the winner! If there were any people using "bots" they would be kicked off of ebay pretty quickly after having many non paying bidder complaints, and they would not gain anything by it either! So I don't understand why you would say "bots"

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I used ebay alot for small / minor purchases. Bought and sold a few laptops on there before, seen so many scams. As long as you're a savy Internet user you shouldn't have any problems, the time old saying "If it's too good to be true" holds plenty of water.

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