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I want to play with my Wii! My wii is fun, I love my wii, i get all exsited when i play with my wii!

yeah want wii 2 ,
So, when is the Playstation 3 coming out and for how much?

ps3 costs too much tbh,

it'll be 499 for the stipped down version (no wireless , no wireless controllers , no HDD , .......)

and 599 for te complete one .....

my rule don't buy a console if it costs more then a new GFX card tbh

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I'm going to get the Wii also. So far there has been no compelling reason for me to get either a 360 or a Playstation 3. If I was to ever get either of them I will probably wait until they mature a bit, get a better game library, and drop the freakin price.

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I dont have XBOX 360, only PS1, PS2 and Super Nintendo, and PS3 IS coming to my room 8) (cant wait THP8 :twisted:) They said it to be released 1.11 (if I remember it right anyways at 11th month), but I read that it's probably gonna be little late because they had to fix a bug of some kind which took the release date to next year (local computer magazine).. Not sure if someone knows better I'd like to know about the real release date :)

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How is PS3 winning this poll? It's no different than the 360 if not worse. High price, online play is going to suck, shit controllers. If it's because it will be running some linux, and blu-ray then by all means fork out the shit load of money for it. 360 is going to win with the gameplay that's for sure. Yes, I work for Microsoft. j/k

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I go Wiiiiiiii

I go Wiiiiii

Wiii in the presence of....

Sorry old 80's tune there :oops:

Edit besides what is the point in 360 since they anounced Vista will be Live capable and there will be simultaneous PC/360 releases starting with Halo 3

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Wii? whoever thought this was a good name needs to be hit. I'm sorry but the just makes me want to take a wee on the wii. They should have stuck with "the revolution"

Other than the name it looks like an awesome console. With the whole downloading of classic nintendo games.

Have you guys heared of the game Huxley? Its kinda like World of Warcraft in that it has quests, but its a shooter like Halo and PC and 360 players can play togeather. And the best part is 100 vs. 100 gun fights! :D Can't wait!


Didn't want to double post soo...this may have made me not want a PS3 after all. http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/to...topic_id=397258

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I don't reallly want one persay but I'm interested in what the cell processor can truely do

At the moment I'm thinking not much more than the xbox 360s lol

It's a super computor inside a george forman grill

Edit wait

PS3 the lean mean bank breaking machine

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