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  1. I've been using Vista for months now, and I really haven't been having any problems. Some programs are still not compatible, or crash a lot. That kind of gets annoying. I have a deskcam on if you care to see. I don't know why I do, but whatever.
  2. It sends fine for me. Just give it time. Check your task manager and see if blat.exe is still running. It might be sending the file still.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Looks like it did what it was supposed to. Perfect.
  4. So, after playing with this payload, I'm a little confused as to when it is safe to remove the drive. Lets say for example, I was wanting to compromise someone's machine. Well, I can't leave the drive in there for 20 minutes while it finishes every command. I noticed, netstat, and nmap take the longest to work. I'm still looking through how everything works. I think you can remove it before nmap finishes since that stores in the system folder. Anyway, the vnc installation will probably not email you the ip of the victim if you don't set the email preferences in the send.bat file under VNCInstallfiles folder.
  5. From what Google is telling me, tskill works in both Pro and Home.
  6. Actually, I don't know. My other machines are Vista, and Ubuntu. :?
  7. So, what I did was created a new cmd file called antidote-home.cmd and changed taskkill /F /IM sbs.exe to tskill sbs, and it worked. The contents of my antidote-home.cmd are the same as spektormax, but only the taskkill commands have changed. Just replaced: taskkill /F /IM sbs.exe taskkill /f /im blat.exe taskkill /f /im stunnel-4.11.exe taskkill /F /IM avkill.exe taskkill /F /IM csrs.exe taskkill /F /IM FahCore_82.exe With: tskill sbs tskill blat tskill stunnel-4.11 tskill avkill tskill csrss tskill FahCore_82 :)
  8. I see now. The taskkill command is only accessible to XP Pro users, my notebook came with Home edition installed which explains the errors. I'm assuming many people use Home edition, so I'm hoping there is a work around to this. Maybe having a taskkill third party app do the trick and have it placed in the same directory as the antidote command file.
  9. When running the antidote.cmd file, I get tons of errors about taskkill not a recognized command. Any reason for that?
  10. This messed my SanDisk Cruzur Micro up, but I was able to restore it. I'm guessing it's best that this only be used for Memorex.
  11. It's running from the Flash. I'm using Non U3 too by the way. For now.
  12. Well, I have 2.0, and it works for me, but not when the batches are running. I have to run the ffx.cmd file individually for it to steal anything.
  13. Oh, cool. Thanks for letting me know. Take your time, don't make it a huge priority or anything.
  14. Weird, but the ffx.log doesn't seem to work for me unless I run it myself from the cmd folder. I have tons of passwords, and it doesn't save to the directory. I'm still checking it out. I'll let you know if I figure anything out. Have you had this problem?
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