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  1. Moonlit: You think I'm trusting a link from you? Forget it.
  2. hey guys really apolise about that link being down, when I moved servers I ddint move it with me, its up same like... yeh again sorry about thats thanks to who ever sent me a myspace maessage I couldnt reply cuz for soem off reason I was having issues
  3. I wrote the ICBM long time ago that srpeads stick to stick to stick bu it wasnt reslised fo fear of use by bot heares
  4. I have seen issues with SATA at school, what linux distro are you using?
  5. you could use a bubble sort to get minnimum, although its very inificent
  6. sorry about my spelling, yeh thats why anyone that knows me from IRC more personaly knows that I like to skype people instead becasue then I can make alot more sence, as for DES and NTLM, DES IS the base for LM, the upercase portion is LM, as for NTML, version 1 the LM is DES version 2 theres no DES part, the password is stored as MD4, and then HMAC MD5ed with nt time and other stuff (its not fully documented but has been reverse engineered). As for c95c101901924a7e55bb6c68e77b2147 if that is a hash from 1 512 block, then you can possibly assume a A-Za-z0-9 character set and a length of less t
  7. spektormax payload with private ICBM mod
  8. ok. first of all specs back in the house... so heres my idea, for those of you that don't know the MD5 algarithum front and back go to wikipedia, theres a great aretical, alternitavly you could go look at the rfc for MD5 but its not pritty AT ALL. So, those of you that are well firmiluare with MD5, you know that esencialy you are reducing a 512 bit (well 448) block to a 128 bit block thru 4 rounds of 16. In the MD5 algarithum you take the password and cut it up into 512 bit chuncks. THen, add a 1 and pad with NULLS till the length is 448%512. THen you add a 64-bit big edine to the end of t
  9. lol yeh I could do taht but I'm lazy if yu want me to stil pm me ill do it
  10. well, tight vnc is ther server, but u could very easly do say a reverse shell and loaunch a loopback vieweer thru it. Thats what I would recomend doign a reverse bind sell, but ud need a server or soe other form of connecion to be able to do a reverse shell since now you would have to have a port open
  11. you can either delete it form the bat or put a :: before it to comment it out offtopic: sorry that Ive been sorta not here the last liek 3 weeks, and sorry to peopel liek twighlight who have asked me to code soemthign but I nver got around to it, let me know what u guys need im back (sorta)
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