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  1. Sry for raising an old topic, but here goes... My name is Nate, aka Kronix, MeTheBarbarian and a few others Favourite game: Geometry Wars Favourite OS: Don't really have one...I just use what I got Favourite console: Xbox Nationality: American Accent: None Sex: Male Age:18 Race: Puerto Rican/French Canandian Height: 5"8' Status: Oh so alone... Build: Muscular Favourite band: I don't have a favorite band, but now I really like Muse Favourite book: The Zombe Survival Guide by Max Brooks Favourite author: I don't have one Favourite movie: I don't have one, I like so many movies Favourite director: Tim burton Favourite TV Show: The Office Favourite actor: I don't have one...I could rant on how I hate actors, but thats for another time Favourite actress: Natalie Portman Favourite Pinup: Jessica Alba Other hobbies: Football, Paintball, Videogames, Programming Car: 93 Ford Ranger Occupation: Slave to the local Borders/ Student getting a degree in programming
  2. Agreed, since I'm kinda one of those n00bs. Thanks for the great links, I plan on spending many hours today just looking through these sites.
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