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  1. Why do you run KDE? It's pretty much the worst WM/DE imo.
  2. DirectX & OpenGL programming. But mostly I suck at being patient, and that's really needed in computing sometimes.
  3. Yes there is, it's called Hackers 2: Takedown; technically it's just called Takedown, but it's known by many as Hackers 2. The third is called Antitrust.
  4. *cringes at that 'code'* while (1) { live_life(<3); }
  5. No, that's what happens when you write shitty code. I saw a demo once of where someone embed an exploit .MOV file into the second life game so that anyone who got near the virtual-movie-holder-thing in the game automatically got owned. It was a pretty interesting concept.
  6. dr0p

    Tv Shows

    I watch these on a regular basis: South Park House MD Weeds Dexter The Office Project Runway It's extremely rare for me to turn on the TV and just flip through the channels.
  7. oh yeah, and here's my phone: waiting for cyanogen's 6.1 rom so it will support my phone :3
  8. nothing new really. don't even think i've changed wallpapers lol.
  9. I dislike both KDE and gnome. If I'm on linux it's xmonad or OpenBox for my WM.
  10. That's my laptop. Moved it to Win7 again... gonna need it for school.
  11. Definitely deeper ones. Where the hell is my bass?!
  12. I tried it. It was quite bs. I was saddened. Real drugs ftw.
  13. I'm not 100% sure, but I just like it. Cigarettes, hookah, weed, whatever. I just enjoy smoking.
  14. pretty sure it hasn't changed since last month but... desktop [win7 pro x86]
  15. The only reason I smoke is because I like smoking. e-cigs would never work for me. Thankfully I don't plan on trying to quit anytime soon...
  16. dr0p

    Chip And Pin

    Lol yeah in the US we still don't have chips or pins on our credit cards, and only pin on our debit cards. Fraud is ridiculously common.
  17. WiFi is slower and the total speed (54mbit for 802.11g) has to be shared between the devices, so I'd say it's a pretty bad idea to have your whole house on wifi. Gigabit ethernet ftw.
  18. laptop [arch linux x86; xmonad; xmobar; urxvt] desktop [win7 pro x86; rainmeter] pretty much the same, but i still love it.
  19. Just got this phone and so far I love it, but not rootable yet ):
  20. dr0p

    New Phone!

    Thanks, it's a lot faster than the stock music player thing.
  21. dr0p

    New Phone!

    it's a great 8.1mp camera ^_^ edit: just made an epic discovery... this thing can play FLAC.
  22. I just got a newhone for a graduation present. Its a xperia x10 and im pretty pumped. Any recommend ations for apps etc? Posting this forom the phone ;D
  23. Err, no. (with the obvious exception of bruteforce, but that's where a good password comes in.)
  24. I plan to develop for android once I get myseft a phone xD So poor though...
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