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  1. 1) Read PDFs 2) Solder appropriate wires. 3) Program Teensy 4) ??? 5) PROFIT! Sorry to be rude, but seriously now...
  2. Read the datasheets, connect appropriate pins, program teensy to use new chip, etc. It's fairly straightforward logically, even if you're new to electronics.
  3. Hoping mine comes tomorrow, if I even get one at all...
  4. As far as the storage issue goes: you could always add a simple I2C memory chip onto the teensy that can allow for like 16mbit for a $3 chip.
  5. dr0p

    Hak5 Smokers

    Nevermind, you clearly didn't understand my post.
  6. dr0p

    Hak5 Smokers

    Socializing and enjoying yourself is a waste of money?
  7. I'd definitely go with the droid, so much more flexibility.
  8. That keyboard... looks horrible.
  9. If I can get a job and the money, definitely.
  10. They're a pretty good club.
  11. Yup, it would be a 0day.
  12. Well since you already got it to crash, fuzzing isn't necessary. Attach Olly or another debugger to whatever it is that's crashing and see what actually goes down...
  13. The most antique thing I have is a 3.5" floppy drive o_o
  14. 1. Install Arch 2. Use OpenBox 3. ??? 4. PROFIT
  15. You can customize your *nix to look like mac without much problems if you really want...
  16. dr0p

    Hak5 Smokers

    I've used pipes, bongs, joints, blunts, and edibles. I just have a high tolerance.
  17. dr0p

    Hak5 Smokers

    Haha I have a friend who smokes that much it's crazy. My tolerance isn't quite that high, but having to smoke the majority of a dime by myself to get to a toasty stage is pretty ridiculous for me :/
  18. dr0p

    Hak5 Smokers

    I never enjoyed weed that much myself (I have a naturally have a high tolerance for THC for some unknown reason), it just made me want to sit around and eat lots of food XD It's fun every once in a while though but overall a pretty boring drug :/
  19. Haha you have black rock shooter too? Nice.
  20. Looks OK, but I really enjoy getting my arch set up just the way I like it :3
  21. I used to skate to get around but I couldn't do any tricks and didn't really have any desire to. Now I have a car.
  22. Well, what kind of music do you like? Can't recommend anything without a base. Edit: House, hard house, electro house, hardcore, speedcore, gabber, breakcore, jcore, hardstyle, jumpstyle, and dubstep are all pretty good genres of electronic music.
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