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  1. I bought a USB number pad back in the days of my old laptop. I now have no use for it. Is there a way to hardware mod it? I am not looking for a program o run, or a script. I would like to mod the numpad's functions to aid in say.. photoshop or something. Edit:Actually, writing some sort of custom driver would be cool too, so I could launch applications with it.
  2. I have not tried this with the app only because I never intend to use it and I would rather not give my social in that case. I am also VERY sure the device was in completely.
  3. Yes i just found this in the store remembering that a long time ago online you needed to have a SSN i didnt buy it. I saw it at my job and was like "well this will be a fun project" But if I can not decode the encrypted data (I cant even get sound) I will most likely return it. I dont think I'll ever use it legitimately. (I wouldn't use it for illegal purposes, I just wanted to do it for the fun)
  4. I have seen a video on youtube of someone at some convention and the sound is quite easy to hear.
  5. I have plugged it in completely in my computer and in my Digital voice recorder. No sound. Though I may have a second generation where apparently the sound is encrypted but i would still expect to hear something. Just plugged it into my android phone and went to the sound recorder, nothing. Though that jack IS meant for audio out but i figured I would try since it some how worked on your ipod outside the app.
  6. Well I saw that we sell these things are work now and they don't require your social to buy one for $10 so I thought this could easily be turned into a skimmer,(for a proof of concept thing I would do for youtube) however this is not as easy as I expected. Maybe you guys can help me out here. It seems very simple, the device just converts the magnetic strip data to sound that you could use a variety of programs to decode. My first problem, I can't even get sound. I plugged it into the microphone jack on my computer. and of course nothing, I figured that was a bit too complicated with drivers and what not; so I grab my digital voice recorder and plug it into the external Mic jack. swipe a card. still no sound.
  7. Yes but i find it just insane. and the examples I have seen, I would very much notice. again I wish i could get one just to raise awareness but I don't have the sponsorship the hak5 show has lol
  8. Those are very expensive and they always look like shit. and the system to catch pins.. they are just awful. I can't just go around buying shit just to show it on youtube. I bought this because im sure i can sell it for more than i paid
  9. My latest video. Enjoy guys. watch on youtube to view in HD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ysj1ayyDX7g
  10. Oh wow. this is an odd glitch. no XD mod please delete this? I created this post before the one in the questions forum. And this didnt show up. I guess it did either a few minutes late or an hour later or something. Lag in the db
  11. Well that .zip file is the only download i see. and its the one i downloaded the first time. soo.. idk I shot them an emaill... see if they respond.
  12. Pretty sure that is EXACTLY what i downloaded lol. I didn't know there was a different download for windows. But, ill try it. H/o while I try it lol ... 2 mins later Ya this is exactly what I have there it is, armitage.bat inside.
  13. Yes looks Very easy and simple. sadly it just isnt Its not starting/connecting to a database. I press start msf >> after a loading screen it says "[*] Using database driver postgresql" >> Then it says "unable to connect to database. make sure it is running" Now.. I thought this STARTS the database. maybe I am wrong. which is why I did the load xmlrpc it says to do in the written guide on the site, but that didnt work either. So.. wtf lol
  14. Thank you for your incredible patients. But what the hell did I do now. I gotta tell ya.. This is giving me more problems than anything I have ever used XD I get that authentication error, it went all the way to the end and just closed. Also is Mysql the right driver for xmlrpc?
  15. ok idk whats up with that hash of a password, fixed it by hand. and i still get this
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