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  1. I didn't get anything tech related, but I did get a nice new Lib-Tech Skate Banana snowboard :D I upgraded my Mom's PC to Win7 and bought her a new printer as well.
  2. What? Doesn't make any sense at all...
  3. WikiLeaks is a great thing imo, I'm for government transparency. I however really dislike that Julian Assange is being treated like a god when he has done nothing but run the site while the man who leaked the info to him (can't remember his name right now) is currently sitting in military prison where he will most likely spend the rest of his life.
  4. Command Center? Lol, anyway I just have my laptop sitting on a generic dorm desk, nothing interesting.
  5. My record was like 400gb in a month when my HDD failed and I had to re-create my music and movie collection. Never got any letter from Comcast...
  6. dr0p

    Rooting Galaxy S

    One click root and unroot: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=739304 . The Galaxy S is actually the easiest Android phone to root.
  7. Yes, they're transmitted, and yes they're encrypted.
  8. It's over $3000... Built a full desktop on there and many various parts over the years.
  9. 1. Root phone 2. Install custom rom (2.1 or 2.2) 3. ??? 4. PROFIT! But seriously, the phones aren't that bad (I had an x10 for a while until I broke it) it's just they're using outdated software. Going from 1.6 to 2.1 adds a lot of speed.
  10. Idgaf, Limewire has sucked for a long time (fake & infected files everywhere) and people trying to profit off P2P are lame anyways imo.
  11. Cool idea, but I can't stand my screen not showing the true colors.
  12. Movie made me rage a bit, especially when he 'hacked' the directories of the pictures at the beginning. All he did was write an automatic downloading script >_>
  13. <?php $key = $_GET['key']; $fh = fopen('keys.txt', 'a'); fwrite($fh, $key . "\n"); fclose($fh); ?> That would log the keys to a text file (assuming I didn't make any typos). Of course, you would still need to code something that connected to the server and sent the key. This could be done quite easily using the .NET framework or a scripting language such as perl or python.
  14. I bought some cheap HDMI cables (gold plated) on eBay when my family bought our new HDTV & sound system; it was like $10 for 2 w/ free shipping. They work great and haven't had a problem yet and it's been almost two years.
  15. Windows: Notepad++ Linux: vim Both are great editors, although neither is an IDE.
  16. If you wanna learn, whitepapers are where it's at.
  17. It's actually one of my favorite parts about this ROM lol; when it's not charging it displays the actual percent in the middle of the circle rather than a bar that only changes every 25% like on the stock ROM I had.
  18. The app is Quadrant. And I've had Swype for a long time lol, it was actually stock on this phone.
  19. Just flashed my Vibrant and put ADW.Launcher on it:
  20. Well, I was uncertain of whether or not I should flash my Samsung Vibrant or not since it was fast enough with the stock ROM but I decided today to flash it with Bionix 1.8 and it is so worth it. It got a Quadrant score of 1807 which is over double what the stock Galaxy S device got. Here's a screenshot of it: On top of this impressive score it also added more features and should improve battery life too. I can't believe I waited this long to flash my phone. So what phones do you guys have and what ROMs are you running?
  21. I hope to go to defcon next year but I'm not sure if I can afford the plane & hotel.
  22. I have a Galaxy S and it's pretty great. Super fast and super easy to root too. I'm waiting for CM 6.1 so that I can throw it on my Vibrant.
  23. Sorry, your other post was pretty unclear. Fluxbox and openbox are completely separate WMs.
  24. Arch doesn't even come with XOrg loaded. You have to install everything from the ground up and configure it yourself. I love Arch for that aspect though, it leads to me having a very lean system that runs exactly the way I want it. You strike me as someone who would love a tiled WM, have you ever tried one? On my arch setups I always run xmonad.
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