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  1. I use xmonad as my WM with urxvt as my terminal on my laptop; on my desktop openbox, tint2, conky, urxvt. I find DEs to be useless.
  2. dr0p

    The Best Game

    Quake II is my favorite game of all time :]
  3. Where does it say the windows were tinted? Personally I'd just assume they lived or worked in the area...
  4. Lol and how exactly have they pinpointed that people in a black mercedes are doing this?
  5. So I re-did my laptop a bit, and here's the new look
  6. Pretty funny, especially the blank stare the guy has, but TISP was the funniest thing ever to come from Google.
  7. dr0p


    Learn to program. You can't break stuff (not usefully anyway) if you don't know how it works.
  8. dr0p


    Of course it's not nationwide. The US is huge. We don't even have 3G nationwide. It's in most of the major cities now though.
  9. dr0p


    Sprint, AT&T, TMobile all really have 3.5G networks but Verizon has LTE which is a truly 4G network. That being said, you cram enough users (eg: large cities) onto a few towers and you'll probably have a hard time noticing the different between 3G and 4G.
  10. Finally got around to changing mine. Consider it my March/April/Spring setup.
  11. /proc/self/environ is also very useful for LFI ;D RFI and LFI are pretty rare now though.
  12. Not a bad idea, but it would be reinventing the wheel :/ I'm trying to avoid reinventing the wheel. Thanks though. Still looking for ideas.
  13. dr0p


    64 days on my desktop when it was running Arch, but then I rebooted for a kernel update.
  14. This has the potential to be a great show, but has the probability of being a horrible one.
  15. Again, that would require me to come up with an idea of something to add to a project xD I'm idea-less.
  16. I can code, just need an idea of something to code for both practice and fun. Also, preferably something that's not reinventing the wheel such as a reverse DNS lookup tool.
  17. This this this. College network admins are smart; I wouldn't be surprised if you get an email from them asking about why you did what you did.
  18. Not really, those are just math problems really :/
  19. Hey guys, I need some help coming up with an idea of something to code. I really have no idea what to make, but I really want to code something. Please help me out.
  20. Breaking Bad Dexter Weeds House MD
  21. Oh, and the phrase "Grinds Your Gears". Seriously, just say "What makes you mad / pisses you off?".
  22. Because Daft Punk is great :D
  23. Electronic Dance Music (EDM); also called techno by some people. More specifically I like gabber, hardcore, jungle, drum & bass, hardstyle, electro, and fidget :] I actually like most EDM, those are just my favorites.
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