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  1. http://www.bsodomizer.com/ Best prank, EVER.
  2. The hard part would be Microsoft signs the updates, can't really fake that without the private key.
  3. You could check out the ASUS U43JC-B1. 14", Core i5 @ 2.53ghz, 4GB RAM, 640GB HDD, nVidia GeForce 310M (w/ 1GB) and Integrated Intel. The only thing you might not like is it has the kind of annoying 1366 x 768 resolution. Will run you about $1000 before tax.
  4. dr0p


    Current 'Anonymous' doesn't understand the true purpose of the group.
  5. Same thing happens to me when I try to access my laptop from my desktop (both Win7). Works fine the other way around or accessing the WinXP box on the LAN but for some reason just can't get on my laptop.
  6. dr0p

    Feb Desktops

    Upload it to an off-site host.
  7. dr0p

    Feb Desktops

    Hopefully when I get some free time I can move back to Arch, getting pretty sick of Windows.
  8. The fact that in my dorm I get 30kb/s downloads and connections will drop all the time. If I go to the lab, lecture hall, library, etc. I get 1.5mb/s. Pisses me off so much that I have to walk to the library to download large files at my uni :/
  9. I bought 4gb of DDR2 for my laptop a few months ago to upgrade from 2gb. $75 I'm planning on building a new desktop soon, hopefully in the sub-$1000 range.
  10. The CFWs don't disable updating. Also, there's no real reason to update past 3.55 because the BMs that launch the games can spoof the firmware version of your PS3 to a higher version. Of course there are ways that Sony could in theory update the firmware to see if we're running CFW, but we can decrypt and patch any update they release because we have the keys.
  11. You have to use special utilities, Windows can't do it itself.
  12. I hate to be a drunk asshole, but if you're getting 500gb you're not just playing backed up ROMs. The only reason you would need that muchh space is to store games.
  13. Any drive should work, but it needs to be formatted with FAT32 for the PS3 to recognize it. Also, some of the higher capacity drives are too thick; they can't exceed 9.5mm if I remember what I read correctly. I'm looking at this one on Newegg; only $80 for 640gb and its 7200RPM which should help with load times :)
  14. I just got my Resistance 2 disc backed up onto the HDD and running =) Even updated and I played online. This new method works on ALL PS3 models with no chance of bricking, which is really nice. There's a tutorial over at PS3Hax on how to get it set up. It's really simple... but I'm going to need to buy a bigger HDD lol I only have the 60gb that came with it when I bought it. Also, this might make a good segment for Hak5 or something.
  15. Yeah, my PS3 is one of the models that would have bricked, glad I didn't install that CFW. I'm sure they'll have it fixed in a few days though. Edit: kmeaw released a new firmware that allows you to install unsigned packages and a .PKG that patches PEEK/POKE to work with backup managers. I haven't done it yet, but I'll update when I try.
  16. A tool was released a couple of days ago to make .PKGs out of game backups and it works on most games. Piracy is starting to ramp up, no question about it. EDIT: I just jailbroke my PS3, been playing some SNES. Really nice =)
  17. I don't think you understand what sandboxing means. This CANNOT be fixed until the release of the PS4 because the flaw is in the hardware, not the software. Any software patch they release will be trivial to get around.
  18. That's the thing, they can't release any update that would block this key without breaking all of the existing games that have been released to date because they're signed with the old key.
  19. They already have been released; they're still up on geohot's site even though he's being sued. Custom firmwares that run homebrew have already been made. Every day it's getting closer and closer to people being able to play 'backups'. I really don't know why Sony's doing this, it won't stop the keys from being distributed or used.
  20. They would work online fine, there's no reason they wouldn't. The reason I really think this is going to kill the PS3 market is because of the simplicity. Download a game, put it on your PS3, and you can play it. No firmware hacks needed and you can never be caught. Another reason though is that this is going to cause a rampant increase in cheating in online games because it's now a trivial thing to do.
  21. Home-built AMD Athlon 64 @ 2.0ghz 256mb DDR PC5400 40gb WD HDD nVidia GeForce 6600 GT
  22. You greatly underestimate how many gamers are broke teenagers. This is going to have a great impact on Sony and the future of the PlayStation in general.
  23. The Alfa is like the go-to device for wireless pentesting :]
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